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    From initial audit to detailed reporting and analytics, Cathy360 will get into all of the nooks and crannies of your digital marketing strategy and implementation.

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    A blog about life and style, not a lifestyle blog. Peeling back the layers of personal style, body image, chronic illness, mental health, and the importance of coloring like a kid.


Hi, I’m Cathy. The Cathy in Cathy360.

I used to keep the two halves of my online life really separate. On one side, I’m a style blogger that sometimes talks about real life. On the other side, I’m a digital marketer, working with a variety of clients and companies to make their wildest marketing dreams come true. But in reality, those two halves aren’t so separate. I can’t have one without the other. So I’m bringing it all together; my work and my life in one complete package. Because that’s me. One hundred percent, all sides and angles, 360 degrees of Cathy. Whether you read me or work with me, you get it all. The full package.

Welcome to my life, and my work. Welcome to Cathy360.

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Welcome to Cathy360

I hope you are all sitting down. Because a change is afoot. A BIG CHANGE. So without further ado...... WELCOME TO CATHY360! You might be wondering "What the heck is Cathy360?" or "Why are you changing?" and even "Can we…

Life + Style

Plus Size Outfit – Gray Drawstring Dress

Now that the new site is finished and launched and out in the world (yay!!!), I can get back to what's really important - sharing my plus size outfit posts! One of the coolest thing about being a style blogger…