Month: February 2012

Award Show Commentary….. And Why I Hate It

So last night was the Oscars which is the climax of award season. ┬áThe movie/music/television community gets gussied up and comes out to honor those in the top of their field. Some of the shows are pretty buttoned up and formal while others are more laidback (I’m looking at you Golden Globes with your freely […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Odds and Ends

Sometimes, I have a super cohesive shopping cart; last week it was nail stuff, a few weeks back it was accesories. Most of the time though, my shopping cart is as random as my brain. This is one of those weeks! Chevron Tangerine Tunic Dress – Big Bang Boutique I discovered this boutique over the […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – All About Nails

I know today is Tuesday, but yesterday was a holiday. So this is my Monday shopping cart a day delayed! I have been a nail biter for my entire life. I usually tell people it’s my leftover cannibal instincts kicking in, but I think it’s mostly just a nervous habit. After many unsuccessful attempts, I […]

That Time I Got Dressed…… Last Week

Remember that day last week when I was all “Hey I took an outfit picture!!” and then I jokingly said it was going to take a week to post it? Well guess what friends; that was NO joke. It really has taken me a week to post it……. Me out and about ……. wearing pants! […]

My Monday Shopping Cart

Sometimes I wish my shopping wasn’t so all over the place. I wish I was one of those people that shopped in an organized manner; you know, they look for certain items and focus only on those. Not me – I just look at whatever catches my eye and then Pin it or post it […]

Monday…. I mean…. Tuesday Shopping Cart

I should have posted this yesterday but I was bound and determined to get out my post about my outfit! I actually took another outfit photo yesterday (I know shocking!) so I’ll probably post that in a week. So without further ado, my shopping cart!! Button Front Hike Up Hem Tank Dress – Maurice’s I […]

Outfit Post – Fancy Wedding

Two weekends ago, my dear friends Sandhya and Gaurav got married. The traditional ceremony was beautiful and full of meaning as well as the most beautiful exchange of vows I’ve ever heard. Seriously, I cried through the entire last 10 minutes of the ceremony. After the ceremony, was a lovely lunch (where I learned a […]

The Importance of “Accessories”

I decided to forgo my regular Monday Shopping Cart for a couple of reasons. One, I was too lazy to finish it. 2- All of my shopping thoughts have been geared towards one thing: a fabulous iPhone case! I have been a loyal Blackberry user for going on five years. I’ve had a Curve, a […]