2017 Goals and Latest Closet Acquistions

Though I forgot to do this last year, I am reviving my tradition of my Word of the Year! Every year, I pick a word that will be my guide for my life. I’m shaking it up this year because I have chose…… TWO WORDS!! I’ve picked one to apply to my style and one to apply to my general life. So what are they? Keep reading to find out!

2017 Style Word of the Year – FEARLESS

Word of the Year_Modcloth event

Lauren, BossBabesATX | Susan, Modcloth founder | Nicole, Writes Like a Girl

A couple of months ago, I attended an event for Modcloth’s store opening weekend here in Austin. My friend Nicole of Writes Like a Girl spoke on a panel with some other brilliant and amazing women, and she said something that stuck with me soooooo hard. The moderator asked her what she does when she’s afraid. And she responded (like a badass) I HIT PUBLISH. I was freaking FLOORED, y’all. Because she is so freaking right. When it comes to my clothes, I am so brave in my head. But as soon as it’s time to wear that crop top/body con dress/ sleevesless top, I get gun shy. And I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger out of fear. Well this year, those pieces are COMING OUT! Like Nicole said, I will be hitting publish on the outfits I’m scared to wear. I’m taking them out in the world, I’m putting them on the blog, and I will not be afraid!

2017 Life Word of the Year – CONSISTENCY

One of the things that plagues me when it comes to my chronic depression is being consistent. I start things with the best of intentions (workout plans, meal prepping, meditation, walking, etc) but as soon as I hit a downturn in my depression, I totally abandon whatever good things I was doing. Then I shame myself for quitting, and then I get more depressed….. it’s a terrible cycle! This year, I am setting my sights on being consistent. The first big change I’ve made is to STOP MAKING BIG CHANGES. I have a tendency to to make huge, sweeping changes (which are great in the short term) but just aren’t sustainable. So I’m switching it up to small, manageable changes and building on them every couple of weeks. I have some pretty big life/health/work goals this year (which is for another post!) and I am really confident that I can there with small, steady change.

New Fearless Clothes

I mentioned above that I had purchased some clothes that I am struggling to wear, so to give myself a push to wear them, I’m putting them on the blog! If you haven’t seen an outfit picture with at least one of these pieces in the next month, ask me about it! Be like HEY GIRL, WHERE’S THAT AWESOME CROP TOP? Here are a few of the items I want to get into my regular rotation…..

Word of the Year_ new clothes

Sparkly T-Shirt Dress – Lovesick | Black Bodycon T-Shirt Dress – Redbolls | Savage Crop Top – Rebdolls

I am determined to make sure that these (and a few other) pieces start getting regular play in my wardrobe! No longer will I be afraid of being too bold, too dressed up, or too body confident with my looks. Each and every piece in my closet is loved and cherished, and I will not let some sit neglected. It’s time to get FEARLESS!

What is your word or resolution for 2017? Share them in the comments or on social media. I can’t wait to see them!!

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4 responses to “2017 Goals and Latest Closet Acquistions”

  1. Meagan K Warncke says:

    My word of the year is productivity! I slacked off so much at the end of the year…it’s time to catch up and stay ahead! 🙂

  2. This is awesome, Cathy! I’m going to journal more in 2017, and I’m also looking to self-help books to equip myself with coping strategies and ways to reframe my anxieties. I’m going to put some thought into my “words” for 2017. I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with. Good for you for hitting publish on the looks that scare you most. A crop top is one small step towards living more fearlessly in general. Wishing you a consistently fearless and fabulous 2017!

    <3 Liz

  3. Pearls & Skates says:

    I love that you have two words for two different aspects of your life!

  4. Kimberly Tortorice says:

    “I hit publish.” This is so freaking powerful! So glad I’m finally catching up on your blog posts, because I really needed to hear this today. Love your two words for the year, and hope they are still inspiring you now in March!

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