A Couple More Outfit/Boots Pictures

Okay, I am in lurve. Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is great. But it is now obvious that my one true love is these boots! They are so comfy and cute and I am quickly approaching “Never want to take these off” phase. Seriously it’s not healthy.

Proof that the boyfriend is awesome. Yes, he is way hunched over because I’m 5’5″ and he’s almost 6’6″. What can I say I like them tall……

So far, I have worn the boots with my favorite skirt like twice, and leggings once. It’s starting to get chilly in Austin (finally!) so I have to actually cover my legs. I’m trying them with tights this week and I’m sure I’ll love it. Now I just have to work on the jeans!

Sorry for the dark picture. It was night and I was tired but I was determined to get an outfit picture!

Argyle cardigan – Old Navy

Pink cami- Lane Bryant

Denim A-line skirt – Lane Bryant

Boots – DSW

Purse – Birthday present from boyfriend (more evidence of his awesomeness!)

Owl necklace – birthday present from friend Elizabeth

What do you think of outfit #2 with the boots? And what do you think of my pasty white legs? I am such a disgrace to my Mexican heritage……


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