Algorithm Changes, Instagram Notifications, and Begging For Follows

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably seen an image like this sometime in the last few days…..

turn on notifications


It’s a desperate plea from social media stars (I’m looking at you, King Kylie) and businesses (I’ve seen a TON of stores post this) for you to ensure that you continue to see them in your feed by turning on your notifications for their posts. Instagram has announced that they’ll be switching over to an algorithm-based feed in the next few months, which has sent lots of individuals and businesses into a social media frenzy.

Let’s talk about why this is THE WORST REQUEST EVER.

First of all, turning on notifications is the best way to guarantee you being un-followed. Why? Because their phone is going to send a push notification every single time you post. It doesn’t effect you showing up in their feed; it annoys the crap out of them until they either turn off the notification, or just un-follow you.

Second, under the new algorithm, a person’s feed will be determined by how frequently they interact with an account. So if you are posting regularly, and sharing engaging content that people like/comment on, it shouldn’t make a difference to your engagement.

Last, why are you acting like a beggar? Nothing says “I don’t know what I’m doing on this newfangled social media thingy” like pleading with followers to make sure they see you. Would you tell people that come in your store “Hey I have a TV ad coming out, but it’s only on after 10pm, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your TV on so you don’t miss it!!” No, you don’t. You trust the audience, and your content, and your work. ¬†And if you notice a dip in followers or engagement, you ADJUST YOUR STRATEGY.

If you really want to post something about it, use this awesome graphic from Lani Rosales, fanatical cat lover, and COO of The American Genius.

dont turn on notifications



Bottom line: Instead of begging followers to stick with you, just be awesome so they don’t want to ignore you or leave you. No push notification needed.


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