All I Want for Christmas…..

It’s that time of year friends. The time where everyone and their grandma asks you “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?” Whether it’s a family member, a parent, a friend, a coworker, a significant other, or a pen pal, everyone is looking for some guidance on what to get for you. Well in a display of too much free time, and extreme selfishness (hey I’m broke and unemployed; I think I’m entitled right now) I put together a Pinterest board of my Christmas wish list. Lots of fun stuff right?? Well to help out even more, I’m even going to break it down into what gifts are acceptable from what people. That’s right, I’m just helpful like that.

From immediate family (mom, step-dad, sisters)- Clothes! Y’all are the only ones I feel okay asking for clothes. Here are a few of the items I’ve pinned.

1. Labworks Long Dolman Sleeve Sweater – Target  2. Belted Ponte Knit Dress – Old Navy

3. Owls are a hoot skirt (they also have a dress with the same pattern!!) – eShakti  4. Cassidy Tunic – Big Bang Boutique

From extended family (favorite cousins, gift exchange, grandparents)- Nothing to expensive or personal, but things that I will display and cherish so I can always think of them!

1. Two Owls on a Swing Art Print – Target 2. iPhone 4 Cover Case “Who’s Cute” Owl Pattern – Etsy

3. I Am Not Afraid Joan of Arc Quote Print – Etsy 4. Work Hard Stay Humble wall decal – The Fancy

From the boyfriend- Jewelry and such. I hate when girls demand hundreds of dollars of presents for birthdays and Christmas. I’d like to think I’m pretty reasonable about presents and such. He can pick any one of these and I’d be VERY happy.

1. Black Diamond Open Heart Ring- Kay Jewelers  2. iHome Pink Boombox – Best Buy

3.  Knucklecase for iPhone 4/4s – Knucklecase  4. Owl Black and White Diamond Pendant – Helzberg Diamonds

From friends – Other cool stuff. This is sort a hodge podge of cool stuff that a diserning friend would be cool enough to get for me. I have pretty sweet friends that never get me things like holiday socks…… not that I don’t love a good pair of holiday socks……

1. Hello door vinyl decal – Etsy  2. Handcuff Bracelet – Bee Charming  3. Buddha Pop Art Poster – Target

4. Golden Owl Necklace – Last Call

So tell me – what’s on your Christmas list this year? And are you using Pinterest to keep track of items you really want?

** Before you comment about how selfish and materialistic I am, calm yourself. This is all quite tongue in cheek. My family and friends and boyfriend know that I would be just as happy with a card, some Christmas M&Ms and quality time with them as I would be with any present. I’m just saying…….. a cute sweater or an owl necklace won’t hurt either 🙂