All The Shoe Shopping

I’m not going to lie; I haven’t done a lot of clothes or shoe shopping this year. With the exception of buying myself a ton of new workout clothes (which were a necessity with all of the working out I’m into these days!) most of my purchases as a late have been makeup related. In addition, we’re working hard on our budget and paying off debt, so I have to be more selective with my spending. But I did recently decide that it was time to update my shoe wardrobe. I’ve thrown out a lot of shoes recently either from disuse or being worn out, and my shoe collection was dwindling. So it was time to revamp!

Luckily (or not so luckily, depending on how you look at it) my decision to do some shoe shopping coincided with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. All I can say is JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. There were so many cute shoes, I didn’t even know how to choose. I ended up buy 4 pairs, but 2 went back. So the hunt continued……

Then I stopped in at the Steve Madden store and bought 3 pairs, but 1 of those went back….. and was replaced with another pair. So what did I end up with???

Everyday Wear

Fall 2016 Shoe shopping - TOMS

TOMS Altair Slip-On – Nordstrom

When it comes to my everyday, running around shoes, I wear a lot of slip on sneakers….. mostly because I am too lazy to tie anything. Normally, I an not a big TOMS fan; their regular shape just isn’t very comfortable for me. But these?? THESE ARE THE BEST!! The chunky sole and Velcro strap give them a little something extra, but they are still comfy enough to wear to run around. They are already in daily rotation.

Flat Sandals

Fall 2016 Shoe shopping - SM flat sandals

Ramos Sandals in Pink Glitter – Steve Madden

As a rule, I hate showing my toes. I hate my feet and wearing sandals requires getting pedicures which means letting people touch my feet. It’s a whole lot of first world problems, but I am determined to get past it…… and these sandals are totally helping! I love a good flat sandal, and I love rose gold, so these are like Hannah Montana; the best of both worlds! The ankle strap is taking a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth it. They are so much fun!!

Dressy Sandals

Fall 2016 Shoe shopping - Nude Steve Madden flatform sandals

Senoraa Sandals in Tan Leather – Steve Madden

Now, when I say “dressy” I mean dressy by my standards…. which isn’t actually that dressy. I originally bought these super cute Kendall + Kylie flatforms at Nordstrom, but I returned them because the straps were thinner than I am comfortable wearing. I wanted something flat and a bit chunky because 1 – I love the 90s, and 2 – I need to feel really secure in my shoes. These are insanely comfortable and cute, and the nude color will go with basically everything I own!

Functional Flats

Fall 2016 shoe shopping - Ugg flats

Ugg Kammi Skimmer Flat in Chestnut Suede – Nordstrom

Okay, I had NO IDEA that Ugg made anything other than boots and slippers! Imagine my surprise when I saw the display with a bunch of cute flats and sneakers. I ended up choosing these because they are INSANELY comfortable (seriously, like walking on a cloud) and I love a good nude color. They also come in pink and black, so I am considering in getting at least on other color. I don’t wear flats nearly as often as I used to, but I still like to keep a couple of pairs around. These will work really well with skirts, pants, dresses….. really anything!


Fall 2016 Shoe shopping -Steve Madden Rose Gold Low Tops

Levels-G Sneaker in Multi-Glitter – Steve Madden

Let’s be totally honest here; I have no actual, practical use for these shoes. But when I saw them, I was totally hooked! These are my new confidence boosting, badass shoe. I wear them to important work stuff and new client meetings because they make me feel like the most awesome version of me. They are comfy sneakers but come on….. THAT SPARKLE Y’ALL. They were the most impulsive purchase, but I will definitely get my money’s worth out of them!

All in all, I am super happy with my choices for new shoes. I am considering another new pair of black flats since mine have been through the ringer, but I’m not planning to make that purchase anytime soon. I love my current ones so much that the new ones will have to live up to a lot!

What are your favorite shoes in your closet? Let me know in the comments or on the internet!

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