All White (Almost) Everything

There are few universal truths in my life. One is that if there’s an animal at a party, I will seek it out and make friends with it. Another is that when someone sees my tattoos for the first time, they will always ask “Oh, are you a Scorpio?” And the last is that, if I wear white, I WILL GET IT DIRTY. I’ve just come to accept my fate.

However, I have recently decided that I don’t want my sartorial choices to be ever limited to non-white choices. Some of my favorite style bloggers have been embracing white lately, like Liz at With Wonder and Whimsy, and Marie at The Curvy Fashionista. Even my lifestyle guru Lauren Conrad has spoken on her recent book tour about her love of neutrals and the way they make dressing so simple when you are on the go. Now, I am a huge fan of black and gray and navy, but I’d like to add in some lighter shades for the spring and summer. And you know what that means….. ALL WHITE EVERYTHING!!

I dug out my reception dress from the wedding, and tried my hand at styling it for everyday wear.

plus size white dress

Dress – Torrid (similar) | Shoes – Aldo via DSW (similar) | Belt – Eloquii (super old!) | Lipstick – LA Girl Cosmetics in Promiscuous | Photo by the fabulous Jo Hunter!!

I even remembered to take a picture of my jewelry!

White outfit jewelry

Earrings – Premier Jewelry, gift from friend | Brooch – Vintage, gift from friend |
Ring – Stella & Dot, gift from Adam

I’m pretty happy with the way this outfit came together, though it did remind me that I need to up my summer shoe game. I have no flats that aren’t black, so I’d like to add some nude flats and maybe a colorful pair as well. I’m also super excited that I remembered to take a picture of my jewelry. It rarely shows up in pictures, and I love all of these pieces so much. The ring was a Valentine’s gift from my husband, and it’s probably my favorite piece of jewelry EVER. Is it not the cutest thing?? That Adam, he’s such a sweetie 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I posted a sneak peek of this outfit and mentioned beans. So here’s the story behind that. I wore this dress for my wedding reception, and somehow managed to get beans on the dress. Now, we did have burritos, so there were beans in the vicinity of my dress. But I as sitting down with a napkin on my lap when I ate. So how these beans ended up on my outfit is beyond me. I know nothing about stain removal, so I sent the dress home with my mom to be de-beaned. Thank goodness she got them out – Moms are the best!!

What do you want to add to your wardrobe for the summer? How do you do when you wear white? Have you ever gotten beans on a special occasion outfit?

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3 responses to “All White (Almost) Everything”

  1. Love the belt with that dress SO MUCH. And also the fact that you’re wearing your reception dress for daytime. It’s too pretty to keep in a closet! That ring is so perfectly you. Husband nailed it!

  2. I’m so glad you decided to post about this! I hoped you would! This dress is perfect for wearing this spring, and I love that you took it out of the wedding realm with a tan belt. Tan leather accessories are another of my tricks for dressing something down. I have a tan braided belt from Lane Bryant that has dressed down many a lace dress!

    I just scored a trio of hardly used flats from Poshmark. Are you on there? There are a ton of shoes, and many are brand new or only worn once. I got the three pairs of flats for $30 including shipping, and I’m pretty proud of my bargain buy!

    <3 Liz

  3. Anna Carrasco Bowling says:

    I’m adding white to my usual black/gray/navy this season, too. Totally worth a little extra laundry.

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