Are You a Bully?

This week, a video has been making the rounds on the interwebz. A plus size news anchor received a very rude email telling her ot get out of the public eye until she managed her weight and health. Her response has been a huge source of inspiration:

I have seen so many posts praising Jennifer’s response and her desire to help stop bullying. She send a powerful message to women and girls and really anyone who has been bullied. I’ve seen many call to action posts “Stop the bullying!” and “This must end!” and it’s been really positive and uplifting.

However, there is one thing poking at the back of my mind. And that my friends, is the hypocrisy. It’s so very easy to jump on a bandwagon like this (or a month or so ago, the story of Terri’s humiliation on Project Runway) and post about bullying and treating each other fairly and not judging. But let me ask you this; are you going to work and mocking someone in your office for their outfit? Are you talking derisively about celebrities you don’t even know? Are you giving some woman the side-eye because you think she’s acting like she’s better than you? That is bullying sunshine – and we are all guilty of it.

I’m not counting myself out here. I’ve absolutely caught myself judging other women or talking crap about someone I don’t even know just because of my own insecurity. It’s sad, but it’s completely true. And I know I’m not alone. I hear my friends do it. I hear my friends and colleagues mock other women just out of spite or because of a perceived attitude.

I understand; I don’t want to think I’m a bully. I don’t want to think that I’ve judged someone based on what I see. I certainly don’t want to think that my words or thoughts could ever cause someone to doubt themselves or their worth. But as you see from this video, even the words of a stranger can cause a lot of pain. And frankly, I don’ t want to be the cause of that pain for anyone. ┬áDo you?

I don’t want to take away from the power of Jennifer’s message. What she said in that video is amazing and very important and something we each need to hear. But instead of posting on Facebook about how horrible this is, let’s do something to actually stop it. Let’s stop judging and bullying each other. Let’s stop talking about it, and start living it. Think of how powerful that would be!!

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  1. Kelly Stocker says:

    Well said as always Cathy!

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