First Outfit With New Pieces From Ashley Nell Tipton

I was soooo excited to share my order from Ashley Nell Tipton’s collection for JC Penney, and I was not disappointed when they arrived! All 3 pieces are amazing, but my favorite was most definitely the box pleat skirt. I knew that styling that would be a breeze and I wanted to wear it as soon as possible. But when would that be?

It had to be a something worth getting fancy for. Luckily the opportunity presented itself last week when one of my millions of sisters (Tessa!!) came into town the day before her birthday. So she, my older sister Michelle, and I went out to dinner to celebrate – the perfect dress up opportunity!

Caitlin McWeeney Photography 2015

Caitlin McWeeney Photography 2015

Seriously, it feels like a million sisters. Here’s all of them at our wedding last year! I love them all so much and wouldn’t trade a single one of them for the world.

It was still hot as Hades here in Austin last week (though it is finally cooling down a bit) so I didn’t want to wear anything that required layers or extra clothing. The skirt is a pretty thick material so staying cool was of the essence. I decided to go with my old favorite, black and white!

First Ashley Nell Tipton Collection Outfit!

ashley nell tipton-first-outfit-full

Shirt – Target | Skirt – Ashley Nell Tipton for JC Penney | Shoes – Steve Madden, super old (similar) |
Black Pearl Earrings – Gift

I really cannot wait to wear this all fall/winter with tights (or not, it doesn’t get THAT cold here) and style it with sweaters, or crop tops…. who can say? It’s super comfy and I love that I can tuck shirts into it. I wish you could see my shoes better, but we went to dinner late, so there was no good lighting for outfit pictures. My shoes are these old Steve Madden loafers I have that are covered in spikes. You can see them in an outfit here. They are super comfy unless I forget what I am wearing and sit on my foot or cross my ankles. Those spikes are not messing around!

And yes, I totally remembered to get a make up shot…..


Lipstick – Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Craft | Rest of face – see this post

My hair was mysteriously flat that day….. probably because I washed it. I always hate the first day after I wash it. Second and third day hair is really the best for me. I swear, I wash my hair like twice a week now and it is GLORIOUS! I also recently switched to a new foundation that is soooooo much better than my old MAC one…. and like $20 cheaper.

What do you think of my look? Should I try and add in more color? Should my shoes have come with a warning sticker about how pokey the spikes are?

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  1. Kristine Davison Morgan says:

    What’s the foundation?

    • I switched to L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation, and it is AMAZING. It’s full coverage without being cakey, and it makes my face look soooooo smooth and flawless. Plus, it really stays put! I use the Urban Decay all-night setting spray, so my makeup doesn’t budge.

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