Award Show Commentary….. And Why I Hate It

So last night was the Oscars which is the climax of award season.  The movie/music/television community gets gussied up and comes out to honor those in the top of their field. Some of the shows are pretty buttoned up and formal while others are more laidback (I’m looking at you Golden Globes with your freely flowing booze!). While I am always excited to read the recaps the next day to see who won and how they cried during their acceptance speech, I am becoming less and less enchanted with the ever-present fashion “commentary.”

It seems like more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of commentary about what celebs are wearing, who they’re wearing, what clutch they are carrying, and (most importantly) how heinous they look. And you know what? It sickens me. I was absolutely stunned to get on Twitter and see a never-ending stream of hatred geared at women (that you don’t even KNOW!!) about their face, their body, their pose, their dress, their shoes…… everything.

Tell me something; when did it become so acceptable to tear other people down? People that you don’t know, people you’ve never met, people with families and friends and kids and coworkers. When did it become acceptable to comment on a woman’s body and call her disgusting/fat/skinny/fake and all those other hateful words that were typed? How is this okay? How can you justify it? And most importantly, what do you gain by doing it?

I won’t lie – I love looking at the red carpet photos. I love to see what amazing creations designers come up with for awards season. I may not always love the look, but I can always appreciate the artistic value. I love seeing anyone get all dressed up for a fancy occasion. That goes for a charity ball here in town or an A-list movie star at the Oscars. It’s like a fashion show but with little gold statues on the end. Sadly, fashion commentary is so far away from that now. It’s all Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne calling people out for looking “fat” or getting “too much Botox” and basically body shaming every woman they can. It’s ugly and it’s hurtful and frankly, I was sickened to see so much of it online.

I will say this – I am more than happy to comment on the designer’s creations and how I feel about the artistic value of the outfit. But I will not tear down a woman’s face or body or style – it’s bullying and it’s wrong.

How do you feel about the negative turn fashion commentary has taken? Do you agree or do you think it’s not that bad? Sound off in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook!