Black and White Wedding Outfit

It’s no secret that I LOVE weddings. No, it’s not for the free food and booze; I don’t even drink! I’ll admit, I am a sucker for dance music, sweet speeches, and fancy desserts. But really, the wedding ceremony is what does it for me. I seriously cry at every wedding I attend. Love gets me all choked up y’all. I bawled all the way through my own wedding – both ceremonies!!

When I was invited to attend a high school friend’s wedding, I was beyond excited to attend. She and her husband remind me a lot of my husband I with their love story, and they are seriously in love with each other. They’ve been through some of the hardest times together, and they came out stronger. You bet I wanted to be there to celebrate them!

The other thing I love about weddings is the opportunity to get dressed up! Who doesn’t love a good wedding outfit? I know it’s not about me and my outfit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with my look, right? Plus, I wanted to look a little extra nice. I knew I’d be seeing some old friends from school, and I wanted to make sure I looked my fanciest. So what did I wear? Let’s see!!

Black and White Wedding Outfit

black and white wedding outfit

Skirt – Ashley Nell Tipton Box Pleat Skirt at JCPenney (black) | Shirt – Ava & Viv V-Neck Tee at Target (fresh white) | Blazer – City Chic Shimmer Jacket at Nordstrom | Shoes – Sole Society (last year)

I have never owned/worn a blazer in my life, so I was super excited to get one at the Nordstrom pop-up shop a couple of months ago! Styling it….. that’s a different story. I don’t generally wear layers that aren’t sweaters, so it’s been a bit difficult to wear this without feeling overdressed. Luckily, my wedding outfit was the PERFECT place to bring it out. I was super comfy the whole night, and my jacket was functional and fashionable. Also, it is shimmery, and I love shimmery.

I still find myself pretty drawn to neutral colors, and I’m not sure if it’s a comfort thing or a style thing. I haven’t felt particularly good about my body lately, which means I usually default back to black as a security measure. I feel better about myself when I’m in black and gray. Whatever the reason, I’m actually really digging it. I’ve got to get better about photographing my outfits so I can showcase all the cool looks I’ve been wearing with my neutral pieces. So much classic chic!

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