Bridal Shower Fashion and Life As I Know It

Hello friends! It’s been a while, right? Well, have no fear. I’m gonna get you all caught up on the craziness of my life, then I’m going to show you the awesome things I wore for my two bridal showers!

First, I got sick a little over a month ago. Like, REALLY SICK. Like at the ER two days in a row with serious pain and puking sick. The ER doctor thought I had an ulcer and treated me for that. Turns out it was more like pancreatitis because I was diabetic and did not know it. Luckily the pancreas is on the mend, and I can do a lot to take care of myself, and (hopefully) get off the diabetes medication. In just over a month I’ve dropped 18 pounds and have seen a HUGE improvement in how I feel. If you are on a fitness journey, or just want to follow along, you can find me on Fitbit and on MyFitnessPal!

Now onto the important part….. CLOTHES!!

My first bridal shower was hosted by my Matron of Honor, and it was magical. This was about 1 week after I got really sick, so dressing up was tough. I was finally starting to feel a bit better, but still pretty weak and shaky. At least my dress was cute!

full outfit bridal shower 1

Sorry I didn’t take an actual outfit picture. But this is me with some of my aunts and cousins – aren’t they lovely!! Also, I am OBSESSED with the little hats we got to wear! Mine had a veil because I’m the bride. My dress was from Eshakti, the shoes are from Steve Madden like 2 years ago, and my necklace was a gift from my friend Indiana.


bridal shower 1 sisters

I added this picture because it’s me and my seeesters and I love it!

For bridal shower number 2, I had a bit of dress emergency. I had ordered a cute dress from Torrid, but it made me look like a mushroom. I love mushrooms but not as a fashion statement, so I was out looking for a dress like 2 days before the shower. I found a super cute one on sale at Nordstrom, but it was a size too small, and the only one left. They offered to try and order one from another store and see if it could get there in time, but I wasn’t sure if the next size up would fit either, so I tried on the one in the store…. AND IT FIT PERFECTLY!! I was beyond excited, and so very happy with the way the outfit turned out.

SA Shower 9_small

Sorry for the fuzziness! My mom was in a hurry and a lot of the pictures weren’t too focused. But you can totally see my cute dress! I wore it with gold flats I got at Nordstrom like 2 years ago, and a reversible necklace (black on one side, gold on the other) from Fling Fashions. Also, my seeesters looked lovely at this shower as well!

me bridal shower necklace_small

My sister and I are selfie experts. Also my makeup was ON POINT that day.

All in all, I was super happy with my bridal shower looks. I felt so special in my dresses, surrounded with people I love so dearly. I can’t believe we’re only a little over a month away from the wedding!!

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