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Plus Size Outfit Post – Tropical Paradise Dress (Gwynnie Bee)

As I said in my State of the Union post, I haven’t been out and about much as of late. Which means lots of workout clothes, pajamas, and dirty hair. But on Saturday, I went out for some fun girl time with my friend Elizabeth. I took it as the perfect time to get dressed […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – A Whole Lotta Gray

I wrote in my last plus size outfit post that I loooooove gray. Apparently I love it so much, I’m wearing it again!   Tunic top – X-Two c/o Gwynnie Bee | Skirt – Old Navy | Belt- I have no idea, it’s like 3 year old | Shoes – Nine West (last year) | […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Neon and Gray

My latest plus size outfit post includes my favorite neutral color: gray! I actually prefer it (or navy blue) to black. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a ton of black in my wardrobe, but I’ve been slowly adding some variety to my neutrals. I LOVED this dress when I saw it on Gwynnie […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Coloring and Craft Night

It’s been waaaaaaay too long since I did an outfit post! I swear I get dressed sometimes….. My last batch of Gwynnie Bee dresses were nice, just a little too fancy for my casual life. So I just got in some new ones and I’m in lurve. Like it’s really serious this time. Here’s what […]

Outfit Post – What I Wore To An Art Show

It’s been a pretty crazy week and weekend around here! After the big announcement, it seemed like all I did was answer questions and cry….. a lot. Don’t worry, all were tears of happiness. On Saturday, we went to a show at an art gallery to support our friend Ruthie. She is so insanely talented […]

Outfit Pic…. And The Big Reveal!

It’s always a big event around here when I get dressed. Today, I had a meeting with a new client, and a meeting with an old client. I had a couple of great Gwynnie Bee dresses just itching to be worn, and the last couple of days of boot weather. A recipe for a cute […]

Outfit Post – Fancy Gala Featuring Gwynnie Bee

So here’s the deal. One of my fabulous clients (shout out to Huntington Learning Center!) was one of the sponsors for the Lake Travis Education Foundation this year. So they got some seats at the gala…… and they totally invited me! Obviously, I said yes and was super honored and excited. But what the heck […]

Outfit Post – Gwynnie Bee Red and Black Asos Dress

Another day, another fabulous Gwynnie Bee dress! I was really hoping to get this dress to wear while it was still a frozen tundra here in Austin. I did get it in time, but I overestimated my desire to get out of bed and out from under the blankets during the hellish cold period. So […]

Outfit Post – Gwynnie Bee Floral Dress

When I put this dress on, I actually said “Man, I wish I had a pair of Dr. Martens to go with this.” Deja vu!! The 90’s really are back with a vengeance…..   Dress – Asos Curve (via Gwynnie Bee) | Leggings – Target (or Old Navy) | Boots – Blowfish Shoes  (no longer […]