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Plus Size Outfits – Some Summer Looks

Hello, friends! Can y’all believe that I started this blog post back in October???? Depression reared it’s ugly head and all motivation went down the drain. But I’m back it and very excited to share some of my favorite summer outfits! Summer Look 1 – Photo Shoot Dress – Wild Fable at Target | Shoes […]

Plus Size Outfit – Overrun With Overalls

First, let me preface this post with a very important statement: I LOVE OVERALLS. I love them so much, and if I find more that fit me as well as the ones in this post, you can bet I’ll be buying them in every color. However, I don’t want this blog to turn into all […]

Plus Size Outfit – My Sister Got Married!

Whew, it has been a minute! As my business grows (YAY!) my free time dwindles (BOO!) so blogging takes a backseat. But some things just have to be shared! Soooooo my beautiful sister Tessa got married last weekend, and I am not all ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby. Mass, introduction, reception […]

One Dress Two Ways for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m so freaking EXCITED!! I know that not everyone loves this holiday, but personally, I love celebrating love. There is so much love in my life, from my sweet husband, to family and friends, and even my ungrateful cat. Obviously I can’t think about a holiday without thinking about what I’m […]

Plus Size Fall Outfit Roundup

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I have a legit backlog of outfits! Life, work, and holiday madness have seeped in and made me fall absurdly behind on my outfit posting. So I figured we’ll put them all in one post together! Settle in and get a drink because this is going to move […]

Plus Size Outfit – Gray Sweater Two Ways

Remember when I shared my fall haul from Nordstrom and I mentioned being obsessed with a certain sweater? And then I mentioned again in my fall uniform post that I now had it in four colors? Well, I have taken to wearing them with EVERYTHING. I’m desperately trying to restrain myself from buying the last […]

Plus Size Outfit – Fall Fashion Preview

I have made it no secret that I am dying for it to be fall weather here in Austin! I know, I know…… it’s not going to cool down until Halloween at the earliest. But a girl can dream, right? In my fall shopping post, I shared some sweaters that I was borderline obsessed with […]

Plus Size Outfit – Black and Gray and Breaking Rules

Before I start this ridiculously cute outfit post, I’d like to send a very big THANK YOU out in the world to all of the kind folks that read and responded to my last post. It’s not always easy to put super personal stuff out there, but the kind words made it all worth it. […]

Plus Size Outfit – Latina For Life

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that before I was Cathy Tilton, I was Cathy Benavides. And that last name was a very visible way to wear my Mexican heritage. Being Mexican is an integral part of who I am, and I am borderline obsessed with my culture and the history […]