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All Of The Wedding Dresses

Are you tired of wedding talk yet? Well, this is pretty much the last post. You can check out my bridal shower style, and ready my journey to glowing skin Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Wedding dress shopping is supposed to be a super magical time where you and your friends and family […]

My Face Is Wedding Ready!!

This is the completion of my wedding face care series! You can read the first post HERE, and the second post HERE. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, chances are you noticed that I got married over the weekend! Yup, I’m a married woman, and I couldn’t be happier. Adam is the […]

Bridal Shower Fashion and Life As I Know It

Hello friends! It’s been a while, right? Well, have no fear. I’m gonna get you all caught up on the craziness of my life, then I’m going to show you the awesome things I wore for my two bridal showers! First, I got sick a little over a month ago. Like, REALLY SICK. Like at […]

Wedding (And Life) Updates!

Y’all, it has been a hot minute since I posted – just over a month to be exact! It seems like the more I put into my work, the less I put into my blog. Sad, but true. So let’s talk about what’s been happening. First, #TiltonTilDeath is only 2.5 months away!! Centerpieces are being […]

Getting My Face Wedding Ready – #TiltonTilDeath

Welcome to the beginning of the #TiltonTilDeath Wedding Prep┬áseries! Follow along as I get ready for my upcoming nuptials……. and all the craziness that entails! About a month ago, I posted this on my Facebook page…. and got some interesting responses! First of all, I LOVE that my friends think I am so lovely! Man, […]