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My Monday/Tuesday Shopping Cart – Blackout Party

Though I am writing this on Monday, I probably won’t get it out until Tuesday, so it’s my Monday/Tuesday Shopping Cart! In my defense, I was working hard on other stuff so I got sidetracked. Onto the clothes! My boyfriend has a BFF named Wesley who lives in a big house with three other guys. […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Comfy Clothes

As excited as I am about working from home, I have already noticed one BIG change. I hardly get dressed in real clothes! If I have a meeting or am working from the office one day, I’ll get up and do my hair and makeup and put on clothes. But if I’m just hanging and […]

Christmas Eve Dress Search 2012

Every year, I could through an arduous hunt for a Christmas dress. It’s always a bit tricky – I want to be fancy and festive, but demure enough for church and not showing too much skin, but not being boring and dowdy. It’s a tall order! As I have for the past few years, I […]

All I Want for Christmas…..

It’s that time of year friends. The time where everyone and their grandma asks you “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?” Whether it’s a family member, a parent, a friend, a coworker, a significant other, or a pen pal, everyone is looking for some guidance on what to get for you. Well in a […]

My Tuesday Shopping Cart – Christmas Cocktail Parties

I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned this, but I recently got laid off. Nothing dramatic or ugly – just a company that needed to save money. I’m not hurt or upset – we parted on great terms and I wish them nothing but the best. However, I have now been gypped out of my […]

The Great Boots Unveiling

After yesterday’s post about ankle boots, I decided to take myself to DSW and see if there were any of the boots in store that I found online. I was hoping I could try on some of them and see if they worked. The good news is I found 3 of them in the store. […]

My Thursday Shopping Cart – Ankle Boots

So I know it’s not Monday, but I totes have a shopping cart going on right now. See, I’ve accepted that I may never find the perfect tall boot. Between my wide-ish calves and skinny ankles, finding tall boots is quite the challenge. I’ve pretty much given up, but never fear! My shoe guy introduced […]

Interview Attire

So, I’ve been at my job for about seven months. I do some social media and a ton of community management and I love it. Well, on Friday I was laid off. Nothing bad – strictly a money/restructuring thing. I am sad to be leaving my friends, but I’m parting on great terms. Onward and […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Boots!

If you’ve read my blog for a while (and if you have, I thank you!!) you now that ever year I promise myself I will get fall/winter boots. Somehow, many years have passed and I still have no boots. This year, I am buckling down (hehe boot humor) and seriously looking for boots. Here’s what […]