Citysearch wants to hook you up during SXSW

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or Foursquare you know that I’m mildly obsessed with social media. I love connecting online and sharing my ridiculously banal life with my online community. Due to my constant online presence (seriously, it’s like I don’t even sleep) Citysearch has invited me to be a part of their Austin team of ……well…… people who are out and about a lot. While I don’t claim to be hugely influential (other than to my mom and possibly 3 friends) I am diligent about sharing my favorite places in Austin online. So now that I’m BFFs with Citysearch, I’m super excited to share their awesome scavenger hunt going on during SXSW!

That’s Sid – isn’t he fancy??

Starting at 7:00pm on Friday March 9th, until 8:00pm on Sunday March 11th, you can participate in the scavenger hunt. You will be looking for places with the new Citysearch mascot in the window (see that picture above? That’s what you are looking for). Scan the QR code and follow the directions to earn points. Come to PRIZE between 5:00-8:00pm on Sunday March 11th to get your points tallied. The people with the 10 highest scores are the finalists!! What do the finalists get? As a finalist you will be notified between 8:00-9:00pm that you are a finalist and you’ll get your first clue to finding the grand prize – $5000.00 in cash hidden somewhere within a 10 block radius of the Austin Convention Center. The first finalist to find it gets the money! Pretty freaking fun right?

Is that not enough of an incentive to play? Well how about this; each day Citysearch will be giving out a $300 Visa giftcard to a random person participating in the scavenger hunt. All you have to do is participate in the hunt and tweet using @citysearch and/or#sxswcitysearch. From those tweets, a daily winner will be picked at random. How can you say no to randomly winning money? That’s like a pair of shoes AND a purse!

I know there are lots of great things to look forward to during SXSW – meeting people, free tacos, drinks, networking, free ice cream, etc. But how cool would it be to get all of those things AND free money? That would make this the best SXSW ever!!

I’ll be around all weekend, so follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see where I am and what I’m up to – I’ll be all over @citysearch!

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