Coloring Mandalas Par Deux, and GIVEAWAY

If there is one thing I love more than lipstick, shoes, and outfits, it’s my cat. If there are two things I love more than lipstick, shoes, and outfits, it’s my cat and coloring! I’ve been a HUGE fan of coloring for a few years now (seen here, here, and here!) and I’m so freaking excited that it’s become so popular – coloring for everyone!

Now, I hate to play favorites (that’s a lie) but I’ve been soooo into Wendy Piersall and her amazing mandala coloring books. I have 4 currently, and I use them very regularly. I was starting to worry, though; what is going to happen when I fill them up? Should I just get new ones and start over??

THE COLORING GODS HAVE HEARD MY CRIES!! Wendy has put out 2 new books!! And one of them has a really cool twist.

Coloring Bird Mandala

Bird Mandala coloring book

The Coloring Bird Mandala is is similar in size and style to her previous books. One thing I really about her books is that, while the images are intricate, the designs aren’t HUGE. If a picture takes up a whole 8.5 x 11 page, it can be really daunting and I can get burned out working on 1 pictures. Wendy’s images are just the right size.

Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards

Flower Coloring Postcard book

Second is the Coloring Flower Mandala POSTCARD book. Yeah, you read that right; this book has smaller pages that can be torn out and sent as postcards. How cool is that??? People have often told me I should give my pictures as gifts, but I do like keeping them in my binder of work. This kills, like, three birds with one stone. I get to color, I can gift it to someone else, and I get to send actual mail – which I LOVE doing!! So much fun!!

I can’t say enough great things about Wendy and her gorgeous coloring books. And I am such a big fan that I have partnered with her publishing company, Ulysses Press, for a second time to do a GIVEAWAY! If you’d like to get one of her new coloring books, there are a few ways to enter:

1 – Leave a comment on this post with your favorite coloring tool: markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc. (1 entry)

2- Follow me, Wendy, and Ulysses Press on Instagram (1 entry)

3 – Find my post on Instagram about the giveaway, like it, and tag 2 friends that love coloring! (1 entry)

The contest starts today, and I’ll be taking entries until Monday, September 5 at 11:59pm CST. Good luck, everyone!!