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There are many places I love to shop, and I talk about them all the time! Lovesick, Rebdolls, Nordstrom, etc. But one place that I don’t talk about enough is Eshakti. I have many of their dresses, and each one is amazing. And you know what makes them amazing? Three things that come to mind:

  1. They carry sizes 0-36, so everyone can shop there.
  2. Their prices are incredibly reasonable for both day dresses and fancier pieces.
  3.  You can customize ANY PIECE OF CLOTHING.

Seriously, how freaking awesome is all of that?? Now, most people associate Eshakti with either “fancy” dresses (cocktail or semi-formal) or with a more vintage style. But in actuality, they have a TON of casual dresses! Don’t believe me? Check out a few of them below!

All of these styles are cotton, comfy, and cute. Also known as “The Three Cs of Cathy’s Everyday Style!”

When Eshakti offered me a free item to customize and review, I knew that I wanted to pick something that was more casual and fit into my daily wardrobe. I chose the High Low Cotton Knit Shift Dress in Symphony Blue, gave them my height, customized the sleeves, and eagerly awaited my order.

Y’all, I was NOT disappointed – BEHOLD!!

Eshakti dress_high low cotton

Tyrone is creeping on me in the background!

Eshakti dress_high low cotton

Dress – High Low Cotton Knit Shift Dress from Eshakti| Skirt – Old Navy (super old, similar) | Shoes – Triple Origami Slips Ons from Keds 

Eshakti Dress_ makeup full face

I often get asked what lip color I’m wearing, so this one is NYC Expert Matte Lip Lacquer in Bowery Matte Berry (discontinued)

I have worn this dress at least 4 times since I got it and I am in LOVE! It’s a little shorter in the front than I am comfortable with (I like to keep my thighs to myself) but with a skirt, or even some cute little Undersummer shorts, it is perfect. I actually have another navy, cotton dress that I got from Eshakti on my own, and I love it as well.

And can we talk about these shoes??? I posted them on Instagram a couple of months ago when I got them, but I hadn’t had a chance to work them into a post. Who knew Keds made slip ons, and even more importantly, thick-soled platformy slip ons?? There are so many cute shoes on their site….. I’m trying to limit my visits!

Eshakti is sort of an unsung hero to me. They are awesome,  and their clothes are awesome. I love them so much, that is where I asked my bridesmaids to get their dresses! Seriously y’all,  I cannot recommend them enough.

I do have one disclaimer. Shipping can be slow since it’s coming from India. But they tell you up front that it takes 7-10 days to ship, so it’s not a surprise. In addition, returns/exchanges can be slow. But I have never had an issue with not receiving a refund. But if you are ordering for a specific occasion, be sure to give yourself LOTS of time. If it comes in and doesn’t fit properly, I suggest ordering another one right away, and returning the other for a refund. Otherwise, the turnaround time can be pretty long.

**Eshakti provided the item of my choice free of charge in return for a post and review. All opinions and images are my own.

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3 responses to “Everyday Dress From Eshakti”

  1. I have an eShakti post coming next week, so it was great to read your take! I tend to favor fancier dresses, so I liked seeing your casual, sportier picks. I would wear this tunic with skinny jeans because I like the proportion of big on top and small on bottom. You donning a pencil skirt gives me a totally different styling idea to consider!


  2. Karie Barrett says:

    In the past I ordered tons of custom sized dresses from eshakti.com, but have found their selection of unique styles, quality, and attention to detail has really declined in the last year. I had to return everything I ordered in two of three orders of multiple dresses last year. The sizing from dress to dress on custom sizing varied significantly and the fabrics were disappointing. Luckily I ordered so many 2-3 years ago that I have plenty to select from for casual and formal occasions. The crepe is by far my favorite fabric they use, but some of the poly blend knits are good. They’re definitely struggling to find their price point/ quality balance. I use to check the site daily to discover new limited quantity designs but now they seem to carry the same things for months. Your point about shopping early is spot on as custom things take about 3 weeks to get, but it’s definitely worth it to make a dress your own with length, neckline, and sleeve options. Looking in my closet today about 50% of my summer wardrobe is made up of dresses bought in past years from them!

  3. Meagan K Warncke says:

    I haven’t ordered from them before…but if you approve, I may give them a try 🙂

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