Fact and Fiction of a Full Face of “Flawless” Makeup

If you spend any time on Instagram/YouTube/Snapchat/Pinterest/the internet at large, you’ll know that makeup is having A MOMENT. And not just everyday makeup; full-face, contoured, highlighted, false-lashed glitz and glam is on full display.

Now don’t get me wrong; I love the art of makeup. I’ve posted a bajillion pictures of #fotd, lipstick swatches, and I have a healthy beauty board on Pinterest. But let’s talk about the reality behind those incredibly professional and dramatic photos.

First, we’ll start with a makeup look I did last week

Full face flawless makeup

Most MUAs (makeup artist/addict depending on who you ask) would call this a “natural” look.  But there is absolutely nothing natural about what’s on my face. In fact, there are 15 – yes 15- products on my face.  Here they are!

Full face flawless makeup products

Here is a list of every single thing that is on my face:

I’m not listing all this stuff so you can be like, Ooooo look at all her makeup-y things! or, Wow, that girl has a makeup problem. I want people to understand two very important things about makeup.

First, it’s all me. Personally, it’s not about hiding or feeling like I need to impress people, or even about needing to be a certain level of “made up” in order to leave my house. It’s about creating the version of me that I feel like that day. Some days, I feel like Cathy au Natural, which is just sunscreen, moisturizer, and maybe some lip balm. Other days, are Cathy Ultra Fierce, which is bold eyeliner and super bold lip color. This day was what I like to think of as Cathy 2.o; a more polished and glamorous version of Cathy au Natural. But all of them are me. I’m not hiding who I am. In fact, it helps me feel more like me.

Second, it’s not easy. If you’ve watched a single YouTube tutorial or Facebook Live video, makeup takes real work. It’s okay to be like, I have no idea how to do that. To this day, I keep my eye makeup really minimal because I totally SUCK at it. I will choose a bold lip over a dramatic eye any day. It takes a lot of work and a lot of products to get to this. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

One final note; if you ever here someone make a joke about “take her swimming on the first date” or calling makeup a false advertisement, please remind them that it’s their own stupid fault for thinking that humans have naturally smokey eye lids, classic red lips, and highlighted cheekbones. It’s not our fault that they are dumb.

Whether you love makeup, loathe makeup, wear it everyday, or never touch the stuff, one thing is true for us all; take care of your skin!!! You may not want to deal with makeup – which is totally cool – but that doesn’t mean you get a pass on skincare. Love your skin, baby your skin, treat your skin well. Trust me, it makes a world of difference.

How do you feel about makeup? What do you like to wear? What skincare do you use? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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