Fall Shopping and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shenanigans

I’m not sure how the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale got me so good this year. Maybe it’s because I did some in-store shopping with my shoe guy (go see Carlos AKA Cardi C at Nordstrom in The Domain!), or maybe it’s because their sale items seemed to be tailored to my exact needs. Either way, I got some serious fall shopping done, and now I can’t wait for cooler weather!

While it may sound excessive that I bought four pairs of shoes, let me explain. As my body continues to lose mass, weird things change. And one of those weird things is that my feet shrank. Who knew that could even happen? So all of my favorite shoes are now too big. I found homes for most of them (shout out to my mom, who was happy to take in my Vans), but I had quite a few vacancies on the shoe shelf. But don’t worry, those holes have been filled!

Fall Shopping_Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shoes

Aiden Wedge Sneaker in Black Perforated Leather, Caslon | Carter Sneaker in Bronze Metallic Leather, Caslon

Classic Slip On in Black Pebbled Leather, Vans |Hutton Ankle Strap Shoe in Platinum Suede, Eileen Fisher

I’m so excited about every single pair that I picked, and I’ve already worn a couple of them. Obviously, Vans are a staple in my wardrobe, so replacing my black leather ones was a big priority. I wore the bronze metallic sneakers for a night out, and got sooooooo many compliments on them! The color is amazing, but it’s really the ribbon ties that elevate the whole shoe. I haven’t worn the wedge sneakers or ankle strap shoes yet, but I think I have a few looks that they will work well with! I just need fall to get here a little quicker…..

Fall Shopping_Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shoes

#EvaChenPose with my favorite sneakers! (PS – it took a lot of work to get in the right position from the driver’s seat. Next time, I’m doing this from the back seat like she does. Man, I really need a driver.)

I thought I was finished after the shoes, but the Anniversary Sale managed to pull me back in. Ann over on Curls and Contours did a roundup post of her Anniversary Sale purchases, and I was immediately drawn to the camel colored curve hem cardigan. So of course, I had to go check it out! I knew I was going to need new layering pieces for the fall since all of mine are way too big. I ended up picking up that cardigan in the camel color and green botanical. But that’s not all! While poking around the plus size sale section, I noticed that there were some Good American jeans on sale and OMG I could not get them into my cart fast enough! I’ve heard so many amazing things about these jeans, and I’ve been dying to try them for myself. I ordered the Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans and basically sat by the door until all of my items showed up.

Fall Shopping_Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Clothes

BP Stitch Curve Hem Cardigan in Brown Cattail and Green Botanical | Good American Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans 

The cardigans are sooooooooo perfect for the fall! The colors are absolutely beautiful, and they are just the right weight for Texas fall/winter. But the jeans…… y’all, these jeans SLAYED MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE. I cannot say enough good things about these jeans. First, they are light. So many jeans that I try on are so freaking heavy and even though they stretch, they feel super constricting. But the GA jeans are light and movable, and so insanely comfortable. They are legit high waisted, which is always an issue for me. But the best part is that they fit my legs like a glove. Every single pair of jeans I’ve ever owned is too baggy in the legs in order to accommodate my rounder middle. These jeans fit my middle, sit at just the right place on my waist, and actually fit my legs. I love them so much, I even wore them on a summer day. That is true dedication!

I was all ready to put this post together when I snagged another surprise fall piece! SPOILER ALERT: It’s not from Nordstrom.

Fall Shopping_Wild Fable Sweatshirt

Cropped V-Neck Sweatshirt by Wild Fable, Target

I happened upon this sweatshirt on a Target run, and was smitten instantly! First of all, new lines rarely have plus size stuff in store, especially at my store. So just seeing a rack of the new Wild Fable line was super exciting. But this sweatshirt is going to be so perfect with jeans or a jean skirt in the fall. It’s so cute and comfy, and I love the bright pink color. Which is weird, since I prefer to wear nonstop neutrals!


I also saw this plaid set in store and can’t stop thinking about it. It SCREAMS Clueless to me, and I feel like my inner 90s child needs to have this in my closet.

Fall Shopping_Wild Fable Plaid Set

Plaid Cropped Jacket and Mini Skirt by Wild Fable, Target

What do y’all think? Should I go back for it? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

Are you ready for fall? Have you started your fall shopping?

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