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I don’t know if there will be much posting this week. I am gearing up for my move on Wednesday (or Thursday) so I won’t have a lot of writing time. But I do need some help from you my brilliant readers!

I got this really awesome dress on crazy sale at Lane Bryant last month. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, but I am going to a wedding on Saturday, and it is perfect for the occasion. The wedding is for this couple I met through my friend’s volleyball league, and they are both just so fun and lively…… which calls for a fun and lively dress. See dress below:

It’s from Lane Bryant, but it’s not on the site anymore 🙁

The sleeves are light and airy and the dress is so floaty and fun. I love the insane colors and the comfy shape. However, I felt that a dress the fun deserves something other than black pumps. So you know what that means??? Shoe shopping!!

I headed over to see my shoe guy at Nordstrom. Drew is a little weird (remind me to show you the thank you card he sent me once) but he is hella fun and knows me and my style. I let him pick what shoes he wanted me to try and he did an awesome job. I narrowed it down to two and I absolutely cannot decided which ones to wear! Here are my choices, along with their pros and cons.

Choice #1

Ivanka Trump Indico Pump in Ocean Blue – Nordstrom

Pros: Kitten heel means tons of dancing in comfort; seriously, that blue patent leather is gorgeous; I feel like this color/style can be really versatile.

Cons: Kitten heel means less height; the toe is pointy-er than I am used to; this was the more expensive of the two pairs; it doesn’t match the dress. It goes with it okay, but it doesn’t match.

Choice #2

Jessica Simpson Abriana Pump in Grapefruit – Nordstrom

Pros: Awesome heelto have fabulous looking legs; the color matches perfectly with my dress; the has a lot of padding inside in addition to a hidden platform for more stability and comfort; it is the less expensive of the two pairs.

Cons: It is a 4.75″ heel. The platform takes an inch off, but that height means less comfort for long periods of time; I don’t know how versatile it will be in with the rest of my wardrobe (expect my plethora of LDBs); the rounded toe bed might make my toes claustrophobic.

So take a second to vote in the poll below. Should I choose choice #1 or choice #2? You can vote through Friday, and I will trust y’all – whatever you pick is what I will wear to the wedding.

But let’s make this even more interesting shall we?? I will pick a voter at random and give them a three month subscription to my newest obsession Birchbox. That’s three free months of awesome beauty samples in adorable boxes. Trust me, it’s the greatest thing that will happen to your beauty cabinet and your mailbox all month! I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday on Facebook, so be sure to follow me there. I’ll even throw it up on Twitter as well, so check there also.

So vote now!! NOTE: If you get a box that says “you already voted for this” it should still let you vote. I’m not sure why that box is there…..

[colorvote id=”1″ style=”wpcvp-poll”]


8 responses to “Fancy Dress Poll”

  1. Kat says:

    I am trying to post my choice but it says i have already voted but I haven’t 🙁 anyhow my choice it number 2 i love love love them and if you ever get tired of them if you do end up getting them you can send them my way, teehee 😉

  2. Mspitt3 says:

    It won’t let me, maybe because I’m on my iPhone. I love blue but definitely two!!

  3. Number 1 for sure.  I think Cobalt is strong color especially for Latin women.  I think it is a fresh and unexpected pop of color.  

  4. Pickle Stealer says:

    #1 – I love pointy toe shoes… Plus it allows for the dancing.

  5. Laura the Angel says:


  6. Elena Huizar says:

    I pick choice two! They will look great and you never know, maybe you
    can withstand the height for the duration of the night. Although, I’d
    bring a pair of flats for when you go home. You can take them off in the
    car asap if you need to. 😛

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