Fashion Emergency? Visit the Clothing Hospital!

It’s no secret that I love Lauren Perdue. I’ve written about her before (and before that too!) because…. well…. she’s crazy talented and dedicated and adorable and funny and awesome.

I am beyond excited to announce that she has brought her talented to Austin and is now taking over the Clothing Hospital. What is the Clothing Hospital you ask? It’s the most awesome place in Austin where you can get your clothes fixed, or customized…. and it’s all being run by the brilliant seamstress/designer that is Lauren! How freaking awesome is that?

LP dress

Lauren made a super cute dress out of thrift store flannel shirts. She is officially a badass!

I decided to harass Lauren with some questions to find out what led her back here to Austin and what made her want to take the reins at the Clothes Hospital. As always she is brilliant and hilarious…..

1- Give the fine folks at home a little description of what awesomness will be going down at the Clothing Hospital!

My friend Jen Delk started Clothing Hospital last year and now it’s got a great reputation for standard alterations (hemming pants, taking in seams and such) but she’s moving on to other pursuits. I’m happy to take on her existing business while expanding service offerings to include custom clothing, custom bridal and formalwear, bridal alterations and white-label design services (pattern making, technical design, cut-make-trim). We’re also increasing service hours to five days a week- plus we’ll take appointments 24/7 to accommodate our customers’ busy schedules. We’re going to work really hard to earn Austin’s business, and we’re going to have fun making beautiful clothes.

2- What brought you to the Clothing Hospital? How did this unholy union come about?

It’s a funny story, actually. I learned to sew when I was in Madrigal Dinner at UT back in 2006 and moved to Denton to get my BFA in Fashion Design in 2009. After four years of hardcore studying, working, interning (and definitely not sleeping) I was figuring out my next move when I realized all my friends still lived in Austin and my/my boyfriend’s families all lived in Texas and   that maybe we should move to Austin instead of New York, where I had planned to seek my fortune after graduation. I had faith that if we made our intentions known and it was meant to be, something would come up and we’d get a sign that we were on the right track.
Not long after that, my very good friend April Kling Meyer over at Fabricker called me up and told me Jen was interested in selling me her business if I was interested. Clothing Hospital runs out of a studio inside Fabricker, so this would mean getting to hang out with April all day while sewing and creating- doing what I love most. It was a no-brainer, and now here I am!

3- What are your hopes/dreams/world domination goals with the Clothing Hospital?

I would love to build upon the existing alterations business to include custom clothing- bridal, formal, Quincenera gowns, etc. I really love making special occasion dresses, and I especially love helping people look their best. I also hope to build my own line and shop it around the boutiques in Austin after my successful show last autumn. I can’t wait to dress the lovely ladies of Austin!
Lauren is up and running at the Clothing Hospital so go see her with all of your alteration/custom clothing needs! Tell her that Slave to Fashion sent you and I can at least promise a hug or a fist bump. There’s a grand opening event on July 6th, and I’ll have more info closer to the event!