Favorite Blogs of 2013

Favorite blogs of 2013

Since I haven’t been doing many fashiony things as of late, I thought I say goodbye to 2013 (and hello to 2014!) by side-eyeing my favorite blogs of this year. I read a ton of blogs, but these are the ones that always make me laugh, think, or pin their outfits!

Oh Hey What’s Up 

corrin header

Shamelessly stolen pic from her FB page – yeah, she really is that cute.

If you don’t read this blog, you should. It’s not just that Corrin is funny and smart and well-read, though she is totally all of those things. She’s an unapologetic hermit with her dog Ollie; she has mad style; she knows what I need to decorate my house; she’s a foodie with actual good taste in stuff I’d want to eat; she wears badass glasses; she’s a voracious reader and recommends sweet books. Did I mention she’s funny has hell? Yeah, just go add it to your Feedly or whatever – it’s totally worth it.

The Curvy Fashionista

Marie denee

Marie Denee from her About Page

To me, Marie Denee has created the be all, end all of plus size blogs. She has amazing style, is always in the know about new designers and new collections, is up to the minute on plus size news, puts out thought-provoking and well-written op-eds about current events, and is just an incredible talented and smart woman. I bow to her blogging prowess and her amazing closet.

Grechen’s Closet

grechens closet

Grechen’s lastest outfit from her blog. Why must she be so lovely??

I’m not gonna lie; I want to steal Grechen’s entire closet and magically morph it to my size, and look as lovely as she does. Her style is effortless and classic and elegant and chic. I love the fact that she dresses for real life; not as if someone is going to take her picture in an abandoned parking garage on a sunny-yet-cloudy-and-a-tiny-bit-windy picture perfect day. She is always put together without being overdone. Grechen makes fashion un-fussy and fun. And she’s a pretty freaking cool chick.

Garner Style

chastity g

Chastity’s latest outfit picture. Yeah, she’s looks that good all the time. It’s unreal!!

I met Chastity one time at a blogger conference and I was almost tongue-tied. She is so lovely and so stylish and so charming……. and just so freaking fancy! I admire her sense of style so much, and her devotion to showing plus size women that YES, you can wear that and you can be beautiful and confident and fearless with your fashion.

Words of Williams

williams family

The Williams family. Yes, they are that photogenic in real life as well!

This isn’t a fashion blog, but it is an awesome blog. Eric and Kelsey Williams share the three Fs on their blog – Family, Faith, and Finances. They give a very honest portrayal of family life, the highs and the lows. They share their joys and their struggles,as well as their unwavering faith, and their commitment to financial peace. They’ve taught me so much this past year, and I was so happy to get to spend a bit of time with them when they came to Austin.

Casa Weenie


And this is just a small taste my friends….

My friend Ilene writes these comics about her everyday life. It stars her, her husband, her two dogs, the outdoor one-eared cat, and sometimes her grandma. You should probably just got read them yourself. I promise you’ll thank me….. or curse me……

Like I said, I read a ton of blogs and I love them all. But these are just a small sampling of my favorites. Tomorrow will be the blogs I missed during 2013!!

What are your favorite blogs???

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4 responses to “Favorite Blogs of 2013”

  1. Curvily NYC says:

    Great picks! I’m checking out Oh Hey now 🙂

  2. Ilene Markowitz Haddad says:

    Thanks for including me on your list—I’m honored! Happy New Year, my dear friend!

  3. Aww – thank you so much for including us! We love you back!

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