Fear of the Flappy Arms – Outfit Post

As a rule, I try really hard not to let my body hang ups dictate my style. Don’t get me wrong; I have plenty of things which I am insecure about. But I generally dress to enhance the things I like instead of the things I dislike. But sometimes, I put together an outfit that I think it SUPER cute, only to see it in pictures and get super embarrassed by certain body parts. Want an example?

The Outfit

outfit post

Tank Top – Target (I have it in black and gray) | Skirt – Sooo old | Shoes – Target, last year (similar) | Necklace – Onenecklace on Etsy | Earrings – Premier Jewelry (gift from a friend) | Lipstick – NYX Cosmetics Ombre Duo in Hollywood and Wine 

So let me tell you why this made me so uncomfortable once I saw the picture. First of all, the top is too big. I got it for working out, but figured it would also be good as basic tank. NOPE NOPE NOPE. I have a bad habit of buying tops too big to try and camouflage my midsection, but it just ends up looking more lumpy. It also has GIANT armholes which emphasizes my flappy arms. I love my arms because they are home to my beautiful tattoos, but I hate the flappiness. Also, my black pencil skirt needs to be updated so badly! This one is too big now, and it makes me feel all boxy. So I really felt like this outfit did me no favors.

But you know what? That’s life, my friends. Sometimes, you love your outfit, and sometimes you’re like “Eh, I could do better.” This outfit taught me some important lessons. 1 – I need a new black skirt. 2- If I want to wear a basic tank, get a smaller size! 3 – Stop stressing about flappy arms. Focus on how strong those flappy arms are getting!

Here’s a closeup of my makeup for that day.
At least that was ON POINT.

makeup pic - flappy arms

I’m gonna need an intervention soon for my lip color and makeup obsession. Also, can someone please come over and teach me how to do eye makeup like a grown up? The most I do is slap a line of eyeliner on and call it a day.

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2 responses to “Fear of the Flappy Arms – Outfit Post”

  1. Kristine Davison Morgan says:

    Your rack is on point too…no doubt from that recent trip to Petticoat Fair!

  2. I approach my outfit photos as lessons too. Like you, I can get hung up on certain body parts, but I try to shift my perspective to critique the fit and styling of the clothes, not my body. Outfit photos have definitely helped me refine my personal style and find silhouettes and shapes I love. Having missteps and meh outfits along the way is just part of life. Learn and move on, right? I just wish the lessons I learned weren’t always that I need a new this or that. I feel like I’m subconsciously exploiting my observations to justify new shopping trips…lol

    <3 Liz

    P.S. Kristine's comment made me literally LOL!

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