Finding Inspiration with the Women at WORK

Back in the day, when I first started my blog, I did a TON of events. I went to monthly networking events, attended pretty much every fashion event in Austin, and took part in all of the cool stuff happening in social media and tech. But that was a looooooong time ago – almost 10 years! As my life got smaller, my struggles with depression got worse, and the demands of my work grew, my social life shrunk.

Fastforward to 2018, and I’m ready for growth. I’ve rebranded my business, expanded my work, and put myself out there in a whole new way. And that also means that it’s time to get back out into the real world and start connecting with humans again!

Being an introvert (an ISFJ to be exact) who is pretty good with people, I equally love and loathe networking. It’s fun but it’s draining. So I’ve had to really push myself to start getting out again. And it has been soooooooo worth it!!

Work Conference_PitchATX

First, I attended PitchATX‘s inagural event last week, and OMG IT WAS EVERYTHING! Like, I don’t want to be a weird creeper, but I’m so platonically in love with co-founder and speaker, Talan Tyminski. I’ve never put a lot of thought into my public speaking ability because I did some theatre back in the day, and I figured it was always good enough. But as I’m moving to the next level with my business, I realize that I’m going to be pitching more and bigger clients. And that means I need to get my speaking skills in tip-top shape!!

I met so the coolest women there, and I learned so much in an hour. Stay tuned on Instagram, where I will totally be pimping their upcoming events.

Work Conference

Photo by the awesome Candace Brown, Founder of FerociousHMR

Next, I attended WORK, a pop-up conference for creatives and entreprenuers, presented by BossBabesATX, this past weekend. It was my first BossBabes event, though I have been super aware of them and their amazing events since they started out. It seemed like a perfect fit for me and where I am, so I grabbed a ticket and put it on my calendar before my brain could start stressing out about an all-day conference.

I am so glad I went, y’all. In addition to meeting so many brilliant and inspiring women, I learned SO MUCH!! Lots of amazing women sharing their experience and expertise, and totally inspiring me to take more steps to grow my business. I could talk ALL DAY about all of the things that I learned, but here were my biggest takeaways:

  • Figure out the problem your client has, and create your services and products to solve them
  • When people hire your company, they are hiring YOU. Don’t hide behind your brand. Put yourself front and center.
  • Just because you are gearing your message towards a specific client doesn’t mean you are going to alienate others that might be interested. If they resonate with the message, they’ll want to work with you.
  • If you want to attract new customers, DO NEW THINGS.
  • All of the things holding me back from growing my business boil down to a lack of self-confidence.
  • Be conscious of the words you use and the way you talk about yourself and your business.
  • Make your goals specific, then plot small actionable steps to make them a reality. Write them down and look at them every single day.

It was such an overwhelming day of goodness. Every person I spoke to, from attendees to organizers to speakers, were passionate and kind and so open and willing to share. I was reminded that even though I’m a on my own in business, I am stronger with a community. I struggle a lot with community and accepting help and guidance. In a previous post, I wrote about a big shortcoming of mine being my cynical attitude and my unwillingness to be open to mentorship and expertise. This weekend definitely helped me take a huge step away from that attitude, and that is only going to help me grow as a human and a business woman.

Work Conference2

What inspires you in your life and your work?

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