Five Questions: How Are You

I hope y’all are ready – new outfit posts are starting up THIS WEEK, and I have some really fun ones planned!!! But for now, let’s answer five questions, shall we? I got these questions from the same place I get a lot of my inspo – the incomparable and amazing Grechen’s Closet!

Five Questions_How Are You

The state of my hair is always indicative of the state of my soul. So currently, it’s slight disheveled.

What are you doing this summer?

Work, work, work! I have a lot of things I want to do personally and professionally this summer, so that means I’ll be accepting coffee shop dates to cowork! I also plan on spending some quality time in the pool as soon as my pizza float gets here.

How’s work? Any big changes on the horizon?

I don’t know if changes is the right word. Maybe evolution? I’ve been kind of stagnant for the last couple of years, and I want to change that and break out of it. I’m thinking about doing some teaching and training, as well as putting myself out there for possible speaking gigs.  There is also a site redesign for my work site on the horizon……

What’s something you really look forward to in the next couple of months?

Hmmmmm I can’t think of anything, which probably isn’t very good. I’m the worst at planning breaks and vacations, especially since we decided not to take a trip this year. We’re pretty focused on financial goals right now, so we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a trip. But perhaps I should arrange a little weekend away……

Any challenges you’re working your way through right now?

Yes. Me. I am my own biggest challenge! As I wrote in my last post, I’ve realized that my fear of failure is tiny compared to my fear of success. I have a tendancy to stand in my own way a lot. But I’m getting better! I have an awesome therapist that pushes me on the hard stuff, and is really helping me to make some forward progress in my life and my work. It’s not easy, but necessary. And I can’t wait to see what happens!

How are you feeling?  In general, specifically, whatever…

HOT. Dear baby Jesus, why is is so hot?? Seriously, Texas in the summer is no joke. If the heat doesn’t get you, the humidity will. But seriously, I am feeling cautiously optimistic. Big changes are on the horizon and I have a feeling they are going to be awesome…….

Thanks for the inspo and the questions, Grechen! Feel free to answer these five questions in the comments!

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  1. If you can swing a weekend away, do it! It’ll give you something to look forward to. You could even challenge yourself to set a budget and only seek out cheap and delicious diners, thrift stores, and free parks. I’ve traveled to Toronto, Norway, Iceland, and NYC all in the last month, and I am exhausted, but I am so inspired to blog and try new things with my style. Travel is truly my favorite source of inspiration. And now that I’ve written you this comment, I’m totally planning a low-cost weekend away before summer’s end!


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