Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes you think everything is moving along in a normal, safe and predictable pattern, when BAM – out of nowhere a big change blindsides you. Sometimes those changes are bad and scary; other times they are amazing and awesome. This is one of those amazing and awesome times!!

Thanks to the recommendation from a friend (I heart you Kate Buck Jr!!) I will be starting a new job next Monday. I will be working at Idea Incubator as a Community Manager. That’s right – after three years of learning, obsessing, testing, researching and honing my skills, I will have my first full-time social media job. There are really no words to express how excited and grateful I am to have this opportunity. It took such a looooong time for me to find what I loved and what I wanted to do with my life. I had this really great conversation the other day with Tolly about some of the craziness in my life and I think it’s important for me to really acknowledge how far I’ve come. You know, there was a time in my life that I didn’t expect to live past 25. I was stuck in a cycle of self-destruction that I felt would only end in my demise. It wasn’t until I was about 27 that I really realized that I was going to have the long and happy life I deserved and I really should start planning for my future. After many failures and false starts I finally feel like I have a great foundation for a career I’m passionate about and things in my life that I truly love to do. That being said, there are actually a few big new things on my plate…….

– NEW JOB!! You read all about that above.

Citysearch Scout. I am now working with Citysearch as a local scout. I write recommendations for places I love around Austin to be featuring on their site and app. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time, but it’s fun and lord knows I love sharing all the great places I frequent.

Urbantag. I’m doing a similar thing for Urbantag. I am a “Local Tastemaker” and I create a map of places and restaurants I love around Austin.

-Sonsi. I’m continuing my partnership with Sonsi Woman and still write a bi-monthly column for them. I was recently featured on their homepage with my picks for spring/summer!

-Moving. So this has nothing to do with my online life (or as I like to call it, my real fake life) but I will soon be moving to a more south/central section of Austin. It’s all part of my master plan to eventually live inside Nordstrom at Barton Creek Mall……

So please try not to curse me for sparse posting this month. I have a lot on my plate and I’m working on settling into a new routine. I will be back to normal in a week or two!

7 responses to “Giving Credit Where Credit is Due”

  1. Elmer says:

    Congrats on the new gig, Cathy! You are going to do great there.

    Does Nordstrom have apartments? Wouldn’t Ikea be a better choice?

  2. maczter says:

    Ikea also doesn’t carry shoes.

    Congrats again on the new gig!

  3. Joyce says:

    Hey, if there’s a spare bed at Nordstroms let me know right away!
    Congratulations on the new job Cathy!  We should celebrate soon! 

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