Hair Poll For My Hair

Friends, countrymen…. lend me your ears! Actually, lend me your opinions. I won’t give you two cents for it, but I will give you my undying gratitude.

So I’ve reached the dreaded fork in the road with my hair ONCE AGAIN. But this time, it’s serious! I usually cut my hair once every 3 months or so. And every time I toy with the idea of letting it grow out past the normal shoulder length that it gets to in that three months. But, I always remind myself that I like my short hair so I cut it, and the whole vicious cycle starts again!

But now, there’s a new reason to not cut it; THE WEDDING. I’m not getting married until November, but it might be nice to have some slightly longer hair to work with for styling. But then again, my short has has always sort of been my signature. I’ve had a bob for years now, and it’s my thing. YOU SEE MY STRUGGLE?????

So I’m reaching out to ask your opinion. Should I:

short hair

A) Cut my hair back to a bob, and keep it that way for the wedding.

Shoulder length hair

B) Trim my hair, and keep it shoulder length (as it is now) for the wedding.

long hair

Totally accurate representation of me with long hair.

C) Let it grow (but get regular trims) and have long hair for the wedding.

Let me know what you think! You can leave a comment on the blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, by carrier pigeon….. whatever works for you. My hair and I thank you for your help!

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