Hair Raising Review For Formulate

Before I start this review, can I just mention that life is NUTS right now? I have a life update post that has been a long time coming, but every time I started it, something else changed! Things seem to be settled now, so I am looking forward to sharing that as well!

Now let’s talk about hair! I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I’ve mentioned in the past that I struggle a lot with the thinness of my hair (thanks, genetics), and I sometimes wish I had long full Kate Middleton hair. But alas, that isn’t my lot in life, and I actually genuinely love my fun short hair!

Back in May, I shared on Instagram that I was working with Formulate to give my hair some TLC. I was super intrigued by the idea of shampoo and conditioner formulated exactly to my needs! The process was super easy: you take a quiz, tell them what your hair struggles are, request your scent, and they do the rest!

I shared my struggles with volume and hair thinning and requested that my scent be regular strength. I LOVE that they have options for heavy, regular, or light scent. Then I waited……..

When my package arrived, right off the bat I was impressed. The size was perfect, and I loved that the pumps are reusable. The smell was lovely, though not at all what I expected (NOTE: I never know the names of scents so I was flying blind). The product just FELT nice. Like, the shampoo felt like it could get 4-day hair with dry shampoo clean in one pass, and the conditioner felt like it would stay in place and do its job.

Now, fun fact about me; I rarely use conditioner. My thin hair always seems to end up greasy and weighed down no matter what conditioner I used. So I generally skip it and sometimes spray in some detangler. I was excited to put both products to the test!


I used the shampoo/conditioner together for about three weeks. I generally wash my hair every 2-3 days, so it’s pretty gross by wash day. After three weeks, I switched to using either just the shampoo alone (no conditioner), or my regular Nioxin shampoo with the Formulate conditioner. Here are my thoughts.

It’s wild and scraggly since I can’t go to a salon, but it’s got life and volume!

For my thin hair, the combination of the shampoo/conditioner is just a little too overpowering. My second-day hair was already pretty greasy, though my volume was not affected at all. I got a million compliments on my hair smell, and I genuinely enjoy using the products. For me, the products work best separately. If I use just the shampoo or the conditioner with my regular shampoo, the results are PERFECTION. I can’t speak to regrowth, and that wasn’t something I was expecting since my issues are genetic. But I see no hair loss, and my hair has a lot more volume. If feels clean, and it stays feeling clean for about two and a half days. I rarely use dry shampoo now, unless the laziness has taken over and I’m into three or four-day hair.


In a heartbeat! I’m looking forward to retooling my formula a bit for my next order and continuing to find the perfect balance for my locks. Formulate DELIVERS, and for those of us with hair hangups, it feels really good to be able to DO something for my hair that makes a difference.

If you are interested in trying out your own custom shampoo/conditioner (and yeah, I would absolutely do it because your hair is worth it) you can go to My Formulate page and get signed up. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you!

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