How Does a Fashion Blogger Dwell?

Due to my unemployment, I have not taken any outfit picture recently. This is partly due to the fact that I no longer have access to a full-length mirror and am too lazy to figure out how to use my camera tripod…….. but mostly due to the fact that I don’t get dressed everyday. So I have this handy dandy list that I printed from somewhere on the interwebz (IFB maybe??) of things to write about when you have nothing to write about. So today I want to share with you…… my dwelling!

When I moved into my apartment at the end of August, it marked the first time I have ever lived alone. I’ve always lived with either family, roommates, or a significant other. This is the first place I’ve ever had all to myself, and I can honestly say….. I LOVE IT!! I love having my own space all to myself to use as I please. But the best part has been decorating it. So far I’ve only put together the public places …… you know, the places people see when they come over. That means pretty much any place but my bedroom and my laundry room. So I snapped a few pictures to share.

This is my desk space and it is in my dining room area right next to the sliding glass door to my patio. I have a small dining room table but I was happy to sacrifice my space for a great work area. Having my desk in my bedroom would take all of the relaxation out of my bed, so the dining room is an ideal spot. Please note the abundance of pink and owls. That’s how you know it’s mine. Also, the pink frame has since been filled with a picture of the boyfriend and I. My laptop is a 5 year old Dell, which I plan on upgrading….. to the newest Dell Inspirion also in pink. The pink and green butterfly basket is my Easter basket from last year that I use to keep cords, batteries and miscellaneous cool stuff in. The desk stationary set was a birthday present from a friend this year. The little pink mailbox is from a Valentine gift exchange I did with some other bloggers; the mailbox was full of candy but now I keep all the business cards I’ve received in it. The owl hanging over the side of the desk is a card I received from a dear friend. Pretty cute huh?

These are different views of my living room. It’s small, but it’s really comfy. The big chair that is against the window is my absolute favorite part of the room. I have been obsessed with that big chair since my ex and I were shopping for our couch set like 6 years ago. It’s in a set with a huge sectional, and the leather coffee table/ottoman. When I was finally getting ready to get my own place, I really wanted to get the chair and ottoman. But together they were almost $900, which was a bit more than I wanted to spend. Then I saw an ad on Craigslist! A husband and wife had moved here about a year and half ago, got all new furniture (including the sectional, big chair, and ottoman) and were now having to move to New Orleans. They were selling as much as they could to avoid moving it, so I got both pieces for $300 – so exciting!  The small natural beige couch is from Ikea and was from my best friend. It had been in her home office for like 3 years, rarely sat on, never really used. There was no place for it in the new house, so she sold it to me for a song. The entertainment center is actually a shelf from Ikea that I turned on its side to use for my TV. My old roommate gave it to me and I love it. My giant bookshelf is also from Ikea and one of the few things I kept from my old home with the ex. It’s 7 feet tall and nicely houses my books, my memorial shelf (my dad and my step-grandmother) and my Virgin Mary statues. What can I say, I’m a semi-good Catholic. The up close shot of my couch is just to show my AWESOME owl pillow. Yes, I have an owl problem, but that’s for another post………

Last but not least, the kitchen. It’s not too exciting, but it has some fun tidbits. I have two of the same owl timer; my mom got me one when I first moved in (I had posted it on Facebook) and then another friend got it for me for my birthday a couple of months later. I call them Mortimer and Mortimer junior. The owl mat on the floor is from a cousin who brought it to me as a housewarming/birthday present. The monkey cookie jar was a present from my father the year before he died. It’s pretty much the best cookie jar EVER. The weird pink thing on the fridge is Rufus the Naked Mole Rat from the show Kim Possible. It was in a happy meal or something and I love it……. so he sits on my fridge. I have a few cute magnets, and if you can’t tell, the picture on the fridge is my friends The Obamas. They send me a Christmas card every year. We’re close like that.

So those are the public parts of my home. I am still working on wall decor and I am looking or the perfect lamp for the corner of my living room. But it’s cozy and it’s pretty and it’s all mine!

6 responses to “How Does a Fashion Blogger Dwell?”

  1. Johnrwalsh says:

    Slave to Fashion I love the neat desk area! I’m striving to make mine look like that by Christmas! Good job!

  2. Molly Latham Goetzman says:

    I’m very impressed!! I think it is adorable and perfect for you!! <3

  3. BigGirlBlue says:

    You are so tidy. My desk (and the rest of my place) is such a mess right now. Congratulations on your own space — enjoy!

  4. Joyce says:

    Cathy, I never knew you were a secret interior designer!  I love your living room especially!  And I agree, the desk does not belong in the bedroom.
    PS-I always keep my bedroom door shut when company comes over…yeah, it’s that bad!

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