I am so lucky to get to write for other cool companies, or just share my thoughts and feelings. Just like that girl in Mean Girls (who doesn’t even go here!) I just have a lot of feelings. I will update this as a slowly infiltrate more site on the internet. Here are some of the other places you can find me……

Fling Fashions
I previously wrote a weekly blog post for them about fashion, style, and just my general thoughts on the many facets of fashion.

I’m a long time member of the Blogathon team, and love sharing my thoughts on blogging, social media marketing, and the importance of a well-stocked lip color collection.

TPN Interview
Back in the day, I did an interview with The Pulse Network talking about women and body image and body shaming. I was beyond thrilled that anyone would ever want to talk to my crazy self! You can see/hear the interview below.


The sister network of CNN was kind enough to ask me my opinions on some curvy mannequins making their way into mainstream stores in Sweden. As always, I have a lot to say…..