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So, I’ve been at my job for about seven months. I do some social media and a ton of community management and I love it. Well, on Friday I was laid off. Nothing bad – strictly a money/restructuring thing. I am sad to be leaving my friends, but I’m parting on great terms. Onward and upward!

This means that I’ll be job hunting and (hopefully) going on lots of interviews. This begs the question – what is appropriate interview attire? In Austin, we are fortunate to have a much more casual environment. Most places I’ve worked are business casual at the very most. The last few places have no real dress code – shorts and flip flops are totally acceptable. But interviews are a different story; you need to put your best foot forward. So I put together some pieces that I think would be awesome for an interview.

Dresses- I don’t want to wear anything too formal, and I certainly want it to be fun and show who I am. But I do want it to be conservative and not show too much skin. For the V-neck dresses, I’d probably wear a cami underneath….. just in case of excess cleavage.

1. Blue Lesson Dress by Blue Plate

2. Black Storm Dress by Mlle Gabrielle

3. Navy Hi Low Dress by Mlle Gabrielle

4. Dallas Dot Dress by Blue Plate

Cardigans – I truly feel that no outfit is complete without a cardigan and these are not only great for interviews, but great staples as well. In Texas, most offices are notoriously cold, and cardigans are not just a fashion statement, but sometimes the only layer between you and hypothermia.


1. Lace Embellished Cardigan by Lane Bryant

2. Merona Women’s Long Sleeve Cardigan

3. Mossimo Women’s Long Sleeve Ultrasoft Cardigan

4. Placed Argyle cardigan by Lane Bryant

Shoes – This is the only place I like to play it safe. I always say close-toed for interviews. No matter how nice your pedicure is, flashing your toes around is a bit too casual. Also, I go for wedges under 3 inches. I can walk completely comfortably, and still get a boost of height. Perfect!

1. Vaneli Ulanda Wedge Pump

2. Nine West Lupetto Wedge Pump

3. Calvin Klein Saxton Wedge Pump

4. Ecco Jales Plain Wedge Pump

So tell me friends – what do you wear for interviews? Are you more polished and professional, or a more casual?

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  1. I’m a slacks, shirt, sweater/jacket kinda girl. But always with a fun pair of shoes underneath! Maybe they see ’em, maybe they don’t. But I know the bit of sass is there… 🙂

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