The Love of My Life

Earlier I was looking back in my blog, and I realized something; I’ve never properly introduced my love! I mentioned once that we were dating, and then he was reference a few times……. and then BAM, we were engaged!

There’s never been a picture, or a real story or anything. So let me take a break from regular outfit-y posts, and share a little story about Adam……

first date

From our first date as boyfriend/girlfriend. We bowled and I lost 🙂

Adam and I met on the interwebz – OK Cupid to be exact. I had decided that I was not going to respond to any more guys that wrote to me first. They either said “Hey” or “wats up” (never properly spelled!) or they were super crude or creepy. I figured I could just ignore messages that came in and write to guys I was interested in. Then I got a message from Adam, and it was the sweestest, most thoughtful thing I had ever read from someone I didn’t know. We had lots in common (loved horror movies, burgers, and cupcakes) agreed on important issues (he said I was beautiful, and I totes agree), and most importantly….. he asked me on a real date. Not “wanna text” or “let’s hang out sometime.” A real, honest to goodness, brush-my-hair-and-wear -good-lipstick date. I was so charmed and totally caught off guard. I told him I couldn’t go out that evening since I had a previous engagement, but we went out the next night. And the rest was history…….

One of my favorite pictures of us. Don't worry, there are MANY.

One of my favorite pictures of us. Don’t worry, there are MANY.

We started dating in May of 2013. By October we had already started discussing moving in together when my lease was up, as well as getting married. When my step-dad passed away in November, he was a tower of love and support for not just me, but my mom and sisters as well. We moved in together in December, and in March of 2014, he asked me to marry him. After the shock wore off, I just about screamed YES through my very happy tears.

Halloween! He totally dedicates to a costume.

Halloween! He totally dedicates to a costume.

Adam is, without a doubt, the kindest man I know. He consistently goes above and beyond not just for me, but for all the people in his life that he cares about.  Adam wouldn’t give you the shirt off his back; he’s find out your size and your favorite TV show and order a fan shirt off of Amazon and have it sent to you. He is endlessly thoughtful, funny as hell, ridiculously handsome, and a wee bit of a smart ass….. but in a really nice way.

He makes every single day of my life better. I live with chronic depression, anxiety, and a host of other related issues. He’s so patient and kind, and does whatever he can to make things easier for me. He never gets mad or frustrated at me for my issues. Instead he is my biggest cheerleader and motivator and helps me to be less hard on myself.

Our engagement party. I swear he was happy :)

Our engagement party. I swear he was happy 🙂

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this amazing man. I cannot even believe that I am going to be the lucky woman that will spend the rest of my life with him. Honey, I love you so much. And I’m so incredible thankful that you chose me. I am so excited to share every single day of our lives together!

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  1. antnat says:

    Awesomeness. For realz.

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    This makes me smile! I love a good “how we met” story. Congrats to both of you and best wishes on many, many years together.

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