March Small Goals

I’ve seen these posts on Writes Like a Girl sooooooo many times, and every time I say to myself, I’m gonna set some small goals! Then, I never do. So this month, I’m turning over a new leaf and setting some small goals; behold, my March Goals!

I’m definitely starting small. I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with too many goals and tasks, and end up getting nothing done. So I’m going to stick with 4 small goals and see how it goes.

#1 – Clean out and donate my office and craft supplies.

March goals_supply clean out

The pile….. so far…..

I’ve already started this task, but I still have to go through my coloring stuff. That’s right, I’m getting rid of some coloring stuff! I love every single book I have, but I couldn’t color all those pages in three lifetimes.  I have settled on a place to donate my stuff (The Settlement Home for Children) and will be bagging it all up and taking it over this month.

#2 – Finish organizing my makeup table.

March goals_dressing table

The current mayhem

I’ve put my money where my mouth/lipstick is, and I purchased some awesome organizers for my growing makeup collection. Now I just need to get everything put away and organized neatly. Everything is sort of half cleaned out and half put away, but I need to reorganize some stuff to make better use of the stuff I have. This month, I’m getting it done.

#3 – Exercise three times a week.

I’ve started back at Camp Gladiator (love my magical unicorns!!) and will eventually work back up to going twice a week. But for now, I am going once a week…. which means I need to motivate myself to get out and walk or work out at home two times a week. I’m putting it in the blog so IT’S SUPER OFFICIAL.

#4 – Clean off my dining room table.

March goals_dining room table


I’ve added a picture to further help motivate me. Y’all I do all kinds of stuff at this table, but I never actually EAT here. It’s my makeshift desk, a catch all for papers, and a place where stuff kind of goes to die. This month, it’s getting tidied up FOR SURE. Feel free to holler at me during the month and be like, Hey how’s your table looking? I need all the help I can get!

Bonus goal! This one isn’t really a goal, because it’s something I’m already doing. But as a reminder to keep doing it, I’m going to write it here. Keep taking all of my medication everyday and drinking at last 64oz of water a day. I’ve been doing a really good job keeping up with this, and I don’t want to slack off!

So that’s it; my official March goals. Wish me luck, y’all!

Do you have any small goals for March? Share them in the comments or on the Internet! If you write a blog about it, please link up with Nicole’s post!