Monday…. I mean…. Tuesday Shopping Cart

I should have posted this yesterday but I was bound and determined to get out my post about my outfit! I actually took another outfit photo yesterday (I know shocking!) so I’ll probably post that in a week. So without further ado, my shopping cart!!

Button Front Hike Up Hem Tank Dress – Maurice’s

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday because I am just that obsessed with it! I’m actually going to scope it out at the Maurice’s in Austin and see if I like it as much in person. I want to wear it with a gray cardigan (that’s how they styled it on the site) and then I’m going to start putting different tanks under it, and mixing it up with patterns and tights and all kinds of mayhem and foolishness. I have big plans for you dress!!

Custom Vans-

To be fair, these exact shoes are not for sale on the Vans site. I got a little handsy with the custom Vans tool and this is what I cam up with. Pink with black and white polka dots – shocker right? I lost my favorite black and white Vans and I really need to replace them. To be totally honest, I didn’t lost them…… I lost one. That’s right, I somehow managed to lose half of a pair of shoes. This is my life people. Take it in, and try not to laugh to my face. Anyhow, I love these shoes. They’ve been on my “wish list” for months and I need to just order them. My other Vans are polka dotted as well, so they’ll fit right in.

ING Short Sleeve High Low Maxi – Macys

Sorry for the tiny picture – we all know I’m not genius with images. So I’ve been saying forever that I want to get into maxi dresses (Grechen inspires me!!) but I’m scared of looking short. Obviously this means I need to ease into them and what better way than with an asymmetrical hem! I posted a gorgeous asymmetrical hem maxi dress from Monif C that I love, but that’s more of an evening dress. This will be perfect for daytime wear and is endlessly mix and matchable. Yeah, that’s totally a phrase that the cool kids are using these days. It’s so fetch. Ten points for a Mean Girls reference!! You go Glen Coco!! Double points! I’ll stop now……

Dotty Doll Dress – Domino Dollhouse

The plus size community (especially on Tumblr) has been freaking out over this dress and you can see why – it’s freaking adorable! I think it’s sold out twice and Domino Dollhouse has brought it back each time. At first, I didn’t think I was nearly cool enough to wear this dress, but I just don’t care. I want it in my closet and I want to get all June Cleaver/Betty Draper with this dress. I want to wear it with pearls and driving gloves and dainty pumps. I want to feel like a slowly suffocating from boredom 60’s housewife and look fabulous while doing it!

What’s in your shopping cart? Tell me in the comments……. or on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr……… or track me down on the streets and tell me to my face. That would be hardcore.

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  2. Mom says:

    I love these VANS!!!! If you create your pair can I have a copy??

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