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I know today is Tuesday, but yesterday was a holiday. So this is my Monday shopping cart a day delayed!

I have been a nail biter for my entire life. I usually tell people it’s my leftover cannibal instincts kicking in, but I think it’s mostly just a nervous habit. After many unsuccessful attempts, I have finally gotten past the withdrawl stage and have some actual nails! Now, they aren’t terribly long, but I am taking care of them and the best part is the absolutely insane amount of choices there are in the nail polish world. I get a ton of nail inspiration from my prima Jennifer (seriously, go follow her on Pinterest – I’ll wait). She is a nail genius and posts some great color and design ideas. Here are the colors and things I am really looking forward to trying!

OPI – On The Same Page

Picture from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Growing up in the shadow of UT’s burnt orange shadow, I usually avoid all things even remotely orange. To my great surprise Pantone’s color of the year for 2012 is Tangerine Tango and I am totally digging it! Pantone has restored my faith in orange. In honor of this color of the year, I definitely feel that I need to try an orange nail polish and this OPI shade is perfect. It’s bright and fun and nowhere near burnt orange. Perfect for summer!

Essie – Bobbing for Baubles

Picture from Nailed

I was lucky enough to go to an Essie event last year where they previewed this collection (The Cocktail Winter 2011 Collection) and this was the coolest color out of all of them! I love that it’s a dark blue that doesn’t look black. It’s incredibly chic and an excellent alternative neutral. I don’t like the way my hands look in most nude/neutral colors and this is perfect.

Chanel – Vamp

From a big ole Google search

When this color came out back in 1994, it was straight off the runway and created to resemble dried blood. It earned its place in pop culture history when Uma Thurman wore it in Pulp Fiction. When it was re-released in the mid-2000’s, Chanel quickly found that the demand had never died down. The waiting list was said to go back 4-6 months. These days you can order it straight off the site or buy it in stores where Chanel makeup is sold.  The dark berry color is often imitated but never duplicated. Many brands have tried their hand at this color, but I would rather go with the OG of the dark nail color. That’s right, I referred to a nail polish as an OG. Respect.

Sally Hansen Nail Strips – I Love Lacey

Picture from SNOTW

I am always honest with myself about my limitations. While I have gotten pretty good at painting my own nails, I know that I do not have the steady hands or eyes for doing nail art. These Sally Hansen nail strips take the guesswork out of designs! From the many reviews I have read, they have serious staying power and they are pretty easy to do. I will definitely be trying these out soon!

Do you wear nail polish? Do you do your own or go to the salon? Show me your favorite nail pics on the Facebook page or on Twitter or heck, do what I did and start a Pinterest board!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been looking for a colour similar to that OPI one for over a year now and looks like it might be the one! Will have to investigate where to get it, it looks lovely!

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