My Monday Shopping Cart – Comfy Clothes

As excited as I am about working from home, I have already noticed one BIG change. I hardly get dressed in real clothes! If I have a meeting or am working from the office one day, I’ll get up and do my hair and makeup and put on clothes. But if I’m just hanging and working at the house, I stay pajama’d all day. So this means I either need to motivate myself to get dressed more, or invest in more comfy clothes. Who’s up for some comfy clothes shopping? I’m gonna check out some not-so-expensive places…….


1. Mossimo Basic Short Sleeve Tee  2. Labworks Dolman Sleeve Sweater  3. Lace Top with 3/4 Sleeves

With the exception of the sweater in the middle, these tops are under $15 and come in a variety of colors. They are great for layering and wearing with pants or leggings and just bumming around the house. But they aren’t old, stained and holey t-shirts, so they are okay to run to the store or Starbucks in. The sweater….. well…… I’m just obsessed with it. I have it on a Pinterest board and even wrote about it in my All I Want For Christmas post. Obviously, I didn’t get it, so I guess I’ll have to get it myself!

1. Wide Leg Active Pants  2. Flared Jersey Pants in Raspberry Punch  3. Jersey Leggings in Carbon

I currently have a pair of yoga pants, and a few different pairs of pajama shorts and pants, but nothing that looks good enough to run by the bank. Granted I do have some nice leggings (from Target and Lane Bryant!) but sometimes even leggings feel too fancy to be working at home. The two pairs of pants are great for just being in the house and working at my desk…… and the pink ones match my desk accessories! The gray leggings would just be a great addition to my collection of black leggings. I keep saying I’m going to get gray or brown leggings and at $8, you can’t really go wrong.

 Do you work from home or in an office? What do you wear when you are just hanging around the house? Most importantly, if you saw me at Starbucks in pink jersey pants, would you laugh at me behind my back?????