My Monday Shopping Cart – Leopard Print Shoes

I know it’s been a while right? I haven’t done a shopping cart in forever; I just haven’t been super inspired to window shop lately. Sad but true…..

Luckily a sad thing happened recently, and it pushed me back to some window shopping. After some not so great news at the shoe hospital, I’ve had to accept that four of my favorite pairs of flats are done. I love them all dearly and have had them for 3+ years.

Old shoes


Each pair of these shoes has been worn probably hundreds of times. The weird marks on the inside? Yeah, that’s all the baby powder I put in there to keep my flats from getting stanky. They were all special too! From left to right: navy blue with red patent leather Tory Burch flats, pink ballet slipper Ruby Bloom flats, calf hair leopard print Tory Burch flats, and gray stingray skin Tory Burch flats. They were unique and different, and none of them are made anymore. Trust me, I checked.

So what’s the silver lining to this sad shoe cloud? Well, I get to shop for replacement shoes! Obviously, it’s gonna take a while to replace them all. I put a lot of time, research (and money) into my shoe collection, and it’ll be a while before I can replace them all. Obviously the first that needs to be replaced is the leopard pair. Since Tory Burch does not currently have a leopard print Reva flat, I’ve decided to look elsewhere. Here’s what I’ve found so far……

Cole Haan flat Kenneth Cole Reaction flat Zigi Soho DSW platform

Cole Haan Astoria – Nordstrom | Kenneth Cole Reaction – DSW | Zigi Soho Drea – DSW

Nine West DSW flat Franco Sarto flat


Nine West Razzie – DSW | Franco Sarto Zapp – Zappos

I’m on the fence about all of them, but I think the Nine West and the Cole Haan’s are my favorite so far. My Tory Burch leopard print flats were some of my favorite shoes for many years; whatever replaces them has to be equally amazing. Do you think any of these will measure up, or should I keep searching??

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