My Monday Shopping Cart – More Maxis

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I have a new-found love and it’s name is maxi dress. I know I’ve mentioned my fear of them in the past (I’m scared to look short) but there is nothing more liberating than an awesome maxi dress for the summer. Cute and easy to wear, and it keeps you from having to shave your legs for the day. That’s right, I said it. And during the summer, any excuse to take a day off of leg shaving is good in my book! Later this week I have a post coming up about how I learned to stop worrying and love the maxi dress (10 points and a cheese plate for the first commenter that gets the movie title reference!!) but for today, I want to share some of my wish list maxi dresses.

Long Caftan – Rachel Pally

I would sell my soul (well maybe my boyfriend’s soul) for a Rachel Pally dress. I have loved many from a far, but none so much as this classic black maxi dress. It’s the most silky and luxurious modal jersey and it’s got a tie back and kimono sleeves. That pretty much means the most classic, chic and comfortable dress you will ever own. How far away is my birthday??

Remain Belted Maxi Dress- Nordstrom

Once again, I am struck by the need for purple in my wardrobe. I love that this one is belted to give it some shape and structure and has some sexy leg slits. Plus purple is the color of royalty. I think that I will request that people refer to me as Her Royal Highness whenever I wear this…….

Vince Camuto “Paper Abstract” Sleeveless Maxi Dress – Nordstrom

I could try and explain the awesomeness of this dress, but really only one word is needed; POCKETS!! A maxi dress with pockets is like the holy grail. Plus it’s a very cool abstract pattern. It’s like wearing a┬áRorschach test, except it’s fancy.

Splendid Tropical Strip Maxi Dress- Bloomingdale’s

I think I love this dress because it breaks all of those outdated fashion taboos. A short, plus size woman wearing horizontal stripes, white, bright colors and a long maxi dress?? It’s practically spitting in the face of every fashion “guru” on the planet. I love this dress, and I would wear it with pride…… and maybe some wedges and big hoop earrings!

How do you feel about maxi dresses? Do you love them or fear them or loathe them?

2 responses to “My Monday Shopping Cart – More Maxis”

  1. As a short, busty, hippy lady, I have feared the maxi each time it shows up in stores. They look fabulous on the hanger, but I think I look like I’m expecting when I put them on. Also, I think they make me look shorter. I might go for that Nordstrom one, though… I always feel like I need more structure in a dress, though.

    Maybe I need some help from Dr. StrangeSlavetoFashion! ­čśÇ

    • I feared them too for the exact same reason! But I have found that with the right cut (empire waist FTW!) and a great color or pattern, the most I need to do is get them hemmed a bit. Try a few different shapes and colors and I promise you will find the perfect one that makes you look (and feel!) like a million bucks!

      And a cheese plate for you for getting my reference!!

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