My Monday Shopping Cart – My Inner Preppy!

Did you get my Preppy reference? I’m tipping my hat to the OG Preppy, Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell! Don’t worry, I won’t be wearing bad jeans and carrying a brick of a cell phone……. but I do have a few preppy pieces that I’ve been eyeing and I have to share!

Seville Wedge Espadrilles – J Crew

Now, I usually don’t have much nice to say about J Crew – the lack of plus sizes, the ridiculous overpricing, and the overexposed Jenna Lyons. Especially after I went into the store this weekend to see these shoes IRL and was completely ignored by every salesperson in the place. I get it ladies – I obviously can’t wear your clothes. However, a little “Hi, can I help you find anything?” would have gone a long way in my decision to buy or not to buy. However, the awesomeness of these shoes can’t be ignored. They are simply the perfect summer wedge. ┬áNot too high, not too dressy, but close-toed and cute enough for a summertime wedding or brunch on a patio……. which is as outdoorsy as I get.

Short Sleeve Solid Mesh Polo Dress – Lands End

Thanks to two of my favorite lady bloggers (shout out to Corrin and Emmy!!) I had discovered the greatness of Lands End. Not only do they carry a huge selection of classic and preppy styles, but the carry them in plus sizes. Be still my heart! That dress you see up there? Yeah, that’s a polo dress. I’ve always imagined myself in a polo dress, some cute sandal wedges, a short sleeved cardigan and possibly a charm bracelet having lunch at a country club. Mind you, I still have all eight tattoes and I’m possibly wearing bright red nail polish and lipstick, but that’s just how I roll. Seriously, I think I need a navy blue polo dress in my life. And speaking of Lands End preppy greatness…..

Large Natural Open Top Canvas Tote Bag – Lands End

In the name of all that is preppy, can someone please get me a pink monogrammed Lands End tote? This would pretty much make me the fanciest lady in the world. My initials are BCB and no, I’m not telling what the first B stands for……. though I will admit that the C stands for Catherine. I’ve already said too much…….

Michael Kors Charm Driver Loafers – Michael Kors

I am a big fan of driving. I love being in the car for 45 minutes to an hour, listening to music with the windows down and just enjoy the scenery. These shoes and I are a match made in heaven since they are “driving” shoes! The perfect preppy combination of flat and loafer with the luxe Michael Kors touch – they’ll be perfect with my polo dress!

What’s in your shopping cart these days? And how do you feel about my preppy picks? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr!




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