My Monday Shopping Cart – Odds and Ends

Sometimes, I have a super cohesive shopping cart; last week it was nail stuff, a few weeks back it was accesories. Most of the time though, my shopping cart is as random as my brain. This is one of those weeks!

Chevron Tangerine Tunic Dress – Big Bang Boutique

I discovered this boutique over the weekend and I’m pretty much in love with it. Great selection, great prices and it’s a small, locally owned boutique run by a mother/daughter duo in Atlanta! I love supporting local businesses even if they aren’t exactly local to Austin. This tunic is going to be so great for spring/summer here in Texas. Plus, it’s a great nod to the Pantone Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango! I want to wear this with some nude colored platform sandals and a big owl necklace!

Etienne Aigner Benson Tote – DSW

The last time I was in DSW, I was super impressed by how much they had upped their purse game. I always get my wallets and little accessories there (great prices, cool brands) but I rarely look at the purses. This past week, I checked them out (killing time before I had to go back to the office) and was pleasantly surprised. They are carrying a larger variety of brands and even some designer brands! I love this Etienne Aigner bag so much – it’s classy without being stuffy. Plus it is gigantic and has pockets on the outside – my main needs in a purse.

Asos Curve Tank Dress with Puffball Skirt – Asos Curve

I’m always slow to jump on the European website bandwagon. However, a lot of European sites now have a US site which makes it so much easier to order. Anyhow, to make a long story short (too late!) I lurve this dress. Not only is in unabashedly bright, but it’s got a puffball skirt! I don’t have enough clothing that can be described with the word puffball and I feel that needs to be remedied. This dress just makes me smile!

Tory Burch “Colette” Ballet Flat – Nordstrom

My obsession with Tory Burch flats is well-documented on this blog. They are my absolute favorite shoes and I will blow half of my shoe budget on one pair simply because I know they will last. These are a departure from the regular style, but I love them just the same. The contrasting toe cap is so lovely and they are red and navy which is one of my favorite color combinations. I love these so much!! Little Tin Linda will totally approve……

What’s in your shopping cart?? Share your picks in the comments, or on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. That’s right, you can stalk me all over the interwebz…..



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  1. Letty says:

    That yellow dress is the cutest thing ever, and perfect for spring.

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