My Monday Shopping Cart – Shopping for the Seeesters!

Sometimes I feel like a giant douchebag doing this shopping cart. It feels sort of…… I don’t know…….. selfish? It’s just an endless list of things I want. Luckily, I don’t just want things for me; I want them for others as well! I have a whole folder of bookmarks of things that I want to get for other people. Today’s shopping cart is about things I want to get for others…… and by others I mean my seeeesters!

Xenophilius Lovegood Necklace – Skymall

My older sister Michelle is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. She knows everything there is to know about the series, owns all of the books (multiple copies!!) and all the movies…….. yet still sits and watches the movies when they come on TV. This love of Harry Potter has helped her work at a library; she is the go-to resource for all kids/teenagers looking for great books to read. She is the YA expert of Central Texas. This necklace is  of the Deathly Hallows and is simple and elegant enough for everyday wear. She would LOVE it.

Steampunk iPhone Case – Etsy

My little sister Theresa was the first of my sisters to embrace steampunk. She introduced me to it, and now I love it too. I admit I was a little jealous when she first got her iPhone, but now she’s jealous of mine since it’s white! She would love this steampunk phone case. I firmly believe that iPhones are like pets – they need multiple outfits for every occasion!

Hello Kitty Vans – Vans

My sister Lauren is a makeup and hair genius. Whenever I go visit them in San Antonio, I always want her to do my hair and she is always nice enough to oblige. She is also a huge Hello Kitty fan! Now, her and my sister Tessa are big Converse fans. As a lifelong Vans fan, I feel that I have to try and bring them over to my side. I think the best way to sway Lauren would be with Hello Kitty Vans. Brilliant no??

Red Cambridge Satchel – Modcloth

My sister Tessa is taking over the world. She is a force to be reckoned with in the professional world, and wants to go back to school to get even smarter and have more ways to take over the world. I have always loved the classic style of the Cambridge Satchel, but let’s be honest; there is nothing about me that is remotely classy or professional enough to warrant this bag. Luckily, it will be perfect for Tessa. She would look like the epitome of style and power!

Savage Beauty – Amazon

My oldest sister Bernadette might be the only person who hearts fashion as much as I do. She is always excited to hear my random musings about the fashion world, which I appreciate more than words can say. I would love to get her this coffee table book of the Savage Beauty exhibit from the collections of Alexander McQueen while under the direction of the incomperable Lee McQueen. The book is moving, the collections are dramatic and profound and the photography is flawless. I know she’d treasure it just like I do.

Do you create wishlists for things you want to buy for others?


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  1. Mom says:

    Could you do a segment on things for say the “moms” of your life?  I know there are many because as your mother I know it takes more than just me to reign you in and keep you in line – any line ~ I love you dear!

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