My Monday Shopping Cart – Short Sleeve Sweaters

While most people welcome the arrival of spring, I look at it with a mixture of relief and dread. The relief is from winter finally being over (like we really have winter in Texas), and the dread is from the impending Texas summer that is quickly approaching. One of my least favorite things about summer is that it’s too hot to layer. I love wearing cardigans and sweaters and during the summer it’s just impossible. This year, I plan on trying something new – I’m going to try short sleeve cropped sweaters! I’m always a little wary of cropped sweaters. If they are too short, they hit right at the boobs and look weird (yes, I am talking about shrugs). So I searched high and low online to find some sweaters that are short and light and perfect for spring/summer………..

Lily Cardigan by SWAK Designs – Sonsi

It’s cropped, it has short sleeves and it’s color that does not exist in my wardrobe. That’s why it’s number one on my list!

Eileen Fisher Sheer Sweater – Nordstrom

Okay, I know that this is not a cardigan, but ever since I got my first Eileen Fisher sweater, I have been obsessed with getting my hands on more. I know they are pricey, but believe me – it is absolutely worth it. The lovely neutral color of this sweater means I can wear it with everything…… and I probably will……..

Polka Dot Cropped Cardigan – Torrid

Polka dots!!! I know I talk about them way too much, but they are seriously the most funnerest pattern ever. Yes, they are so fun I had to make up a word. Plus it’s purple and I bemoan the lack of purple in my closet all the time. True story.

Sejour Print Cardigan – Nordstrom

I feel like this cardigan would make me classy……. at least, classy on the outside. The pattern is so unique and it’s bright red. I have a navy blue dress that would look stunning with this. See? I’m already planning outfits with it. That must mean that I need it!

Roaman’s Dolman Sleeve Cropped Cardigan – One Stop Plus

I normally shy away from anything that’s closer to a shrug than a sweater. I know a lot of people love shrugs, but I find them to be oddly shaming. They are really meant to cover up/hide things you don’t like as opposed to be an addition to an outfit. I prefer for my clothes to enhance, not to cover up. This sweater has a slightly shruggish shape (again, an awesomely made up word!) but it’s longer than a shrug and comes in awesome colors. I want to wear it with jeans. That’s right, I actually want to wear pants…….

Vince Camuto Striped Poncho Cardigan – Nordstrom

Ok I admit – this is not really a short sleeved cardigan. In fact, it’s more like a summery version of my winter cape. I don’t care though. I love the stripey easiness of the design. I stress a lot about what to wear with leggings/pants during the summer that won’t be too hot, and I think this will be perfect!

What  pieces are you sort of obsessed with for spring/summer? I will be pinning all of these over on Pinterest, so feel free to check them out! Also hunt me down on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook to let me know what you think.


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  1. Joyce says:

    Love the Eileen Fisher!  Totally worth the price!

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