My Monday Shopping Cart – The Home Edition

I’m gonna be honest – I haven’t been that motivated to write lately. First, I’m doing a TON of content creation for work. Second, the only shopping I’ve been doing is grocery and home stuff. I’m moving into my VERY OWN PLACE for the first time ever at the beginning of this month and that makes me two things – nesty and broke. Third, my boyfriend is amazeballs and (as cheesy as it sounds) I pretty much want to spend all my extra time with him. Don’t judge okay? So since I’m pretty much interested in home stuff only right now, I figured I’d share some things that I’m loving right now.

Giant Bean Bag Chair –

Ok I know that bean bag chairs are a bit juvenile. I mean we all had them in middle school in high school right? But this is like a grownup version of bean bag chair, and it’s grownup sized! ¬†Plus it comes in three colors and everyone likes choices right?

Oppdal Bed Frame – Ikea

I used to have a different Ikea bed frame – simpler, lower, and very modern. Someone managed to break it (my fault for dating a freaking giant) so I’ve been looking for a new one. A friend of mine got this bed for her guest room and I fell in love with it. It’s higher off the ground, and the bottom has 4 drawers built into the bed. I love how simple it is, and look forward to finding the perfect painting to put over the bed to act as a headboard. I hope giant boyfriend is good at building Ikea furniture……

Purple Shower Curtain – Target

I found this great idea (on Pinterest of course) of using two shower curtains in your bathroom and having them meet in the middle instead of one that goes across. The trick to this is finding curtains that look pretty but aren’t terribly expensive since you need double the curtains, liners, and rings. This shower curtain comes in three colors (I like the purple!) and is only $20. I think it’ll look great with my collection of candy-colored towels and pink accessories. What can I say, I like a girly bathroom!

Rose Collage Queen Comforter Set – Macy’s

To be honest, my current comforter set is quite serviceable and nice. But let’s be realistic here – new place, new decor! I love the plum color and simple design. It’ll make my room feel classy which makes me classy by association right? RIGHT??

What pieces are you looking at for your home? You can check out my For The Home Pinterest board for more of what I’m imagining for my home. And of course, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. Elmer says:

    Jennifer made one of those big bean-bag type things herself:

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