My Monday Shopping Cart

Sometimes I wish my shopping wasn’t so all over the place. I wish I was one of those people that shopped in an organized manner; you know, they look for certain items and focus only on those. Not me – I just look at whatever catches my eye and then Pin it or post it on Facebook or blog about it……… or just whine to whoever will listen in hopes they’ll buy it for me to shut me up. Hey a girl can dream right??

Cece Leather Ballet Flats – J Crew

I saw a link for these on Sydney’s website, and now I’m in love with them. I love that they come in a bazillion colors, are available in suede and have a small hidden wedge. I’m normally not a big fan of J Crew; they don’t really go past a size 14 in women’s clothes so I find that to be limiting and…….well…….crappy. However, they have some cute shoes and great accessories, so I’ll just cross my fingers that they see the light about plus size sometime in the near future.

Eternal Sunshine Dress – Eshakti

I’ve been saying for a while that I need more polka dots and more yellow in my wardrobe. This dress is both! I love the color and pattern and the drapey style. Since Eshakti is awesome and let’s you customize your dress, I would have it hemmed to be a little shorter so I could wear it with flats and sandals….. or get a little daring and wear it with heels. Oh the possibilities are endless…….

 Source of Wisdom Quad Stitch Flap Pocket Skinny Jeans РTorrid

While I wear dresses 80% of the time, it’s time for me to up my jeans game. I have some jeans by¬† Source of Wisdom (3 pairs of the same style to be exact) and I absolutely love them. I think these would be an excellent addition to what I already have. Though I once feared skinny jeans, now I embrace them wholeheartedly! Sweaters and skinny jeans and flats make me happy on days that I don’t feel like wearing a dress…… also known as crap, I didn’t shave my legs. That’s right, I keep it real on this blog.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – Sephora

So I am one of those Sephora addicts that gets the newsletter and freaks out over the return of awesome products. Seeing the words “Clinique” and “Black Honey” in the last newsletter made me scream out loud….. in the middle of HEB. I know this color looks vampy and dark, but it’s really not that dark – more of a deep berry shade. Plus the Almost Lipstick formula keeps it from being too heavy. If you want to find me during lunch, just check Sephora. I’ll be the girl in the gray cape creepily trying on every shade of lipstick in the store. Be sure to say hi!

What’s in your shopping cart? If you want to coordinate a shopping trip together, you can comment here or harass me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.

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