My Monday/Tuesday Shopping Cart – Blackout Party

Though I am writing this on Monday, I probably won’t get it out until Tuesday, so it’s my Monday/Tuesday Shopping Cart! In my defense, I was working hard on other stuff so I got sidetracked. Onto the clothes!

My boyfriend has a BFF named Wesley who lives in a big house with three other guys. The call it The House of the Four Horsemen and there always seems to be a party happening there. They have an epic liquor closet and a penchant for parties with themes and Rockband – they are so much fun! Anyway, at the end of January, they are having their annual Blackout Party. Everyone dresses up (in all black of course) and brings only “black” label drinks – Johnny Walker Black, etc. So of course, this means I need an EPIC black dress and black heels for the event!

1. Oversize Metallic Knit Sweater – Jibri  2. Joy Hi Low Dress by SWAK Designs – Sonsi
3. Charlize Maxi Dress by Kiyonna – Lane Bryant  4. Tracy Sleeveless Dress by Karen Kane – Nordstrom
5. Cold Shoulder Blouson Chiffon Dress by Eliza J – Nordstrom

I love all of these dresses so much,  I wish there were multiple Blackout parties! Personally I am leaning towards 2 or 5 – which is your favorite?


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