My Sin, My Soul…… My Poshmark

First of all, let’s do a little contest. The first person to comment either here on or Facebook with the movie that quote is from get’s a prize! No I don’t know what it is yet, but I will  definitely send you a prize. So happy guessing!

Now, onto the point of this post. I have discovered a new obsession friends, and that obsession is Poshmark. If you haven’t heard of it/gotten sucked into it, here’s how it works. You sign up for an account  and you get a closet. You upload listings for clothing/shoe/accessory/makeup/etc items you want to sell, people like/share/comment and you sell your stuff. It’s like a garage sale but classy and online. Poshmark handles everything – they send you the shipping label, and the money is processed through your Poshmark account. When you sell something and send it to new owner, they have to mark it as received. Then the funds are released to your account. You can either leave that money in your Poshmark account to make purchases, or transfer it to your bank account. No eBay hassles, no Paypal headaches – it’s all in one site!

I got on Poshmark VERY excited to sell some of the items I’ve had marked as “sell to someone somewhere” and maybe buy a few new items. Well friends, I have a lot of selling to do. I’ve purchased some pretty awesome stuff, but I have yet to list and sell anything! Hopefully this post will motivate me!

So what have I bought so far??

Black studded loafer flats. I wanted to try this trend out, but I didn’t want to spend a lot. These are my current favorite shoes!

3 sets of cute nightie short pajama sets. I’m scared of buying cute night wear, and I got three sets for $30. Score!!

New wallet and clear cell phone cases (not shown). I love the wallet style and it is surprisingly hard to find these days. Plus I needed clear cases for iPhone 4s since I have purchased myself and my mom some cute phone decals.

Two dresses. The patterned one ended up going to my older sister, and the lace one is awesome with a black slip-dress underneath. So cute!

Two pairs of flats. These are the same style – one is black patent leather and the other is leopard print. I loved them when I saw them at Target, but didn’t pull the trigger in time. These are both on heavy rotation in my closet right now.

One shirt and one pair of nude wedges. The shirt was for my little sister (and it looks awesome on her!) and the wedges are adorable but a smidge too big. I am going to look for heel grips or just stuff some tissue in the toes. They are hella cute.

Are you on Poshmark? Have you bought or sold anything? Can you please motivate me to get to selling???

3 responses to “My Sin, My Soul…… My Poshmark”

  1. ABarker says:

    I am going all Lolita on that! I have an alter personality with a reference to that. 

  2. ABarker says:

    I have avoided poshmark, I know what will happen lol. I don’t know if I can fight this feeling anymore… 

  3. Cathy, light of my life, fire of my loins!

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