My Wednesday Shopping Cart – Casual Dresses

So it’s been about six months since I started working for myself. I have pretty much given up any pretense of dressing up anymore. I spend most days in my comfy clothes, though I do get dressed for meetings and stuff…… which I actually have on a regular basis. However I have found myself gravitating towards my comfy, casual dresses rather than my fancier stuff. Obviously this means I need more casual dresses in my life. Luckily a few (actually, several!) have caught my eye.

**Please note: To me, a casual dress means it’s mainly cotton with an elastic waist, some stretch, knee-length (or right above the knee) and unlined with no zippers or buttons. You know, pajamas in dress form.

Casual Dresses Collage - ASTF


1. Olivia Moon Contrast Yoke Drawstring Dress – Nordstrom | 2. Olivia Moon Stripe Blouson Dress – Nordstrom | 3. Smock Waist V-Neck Dress – Lands End | 4. Ruched Waist Jersey Dress – Old Navy | 5. Crochet Yoke Dress – Old Navy

First thing that sticks out to me….. I love navy blue and black too much. But other than that, I love my picks! All of them are super easy to wear with minimal fuss. They are great with flats or sandals or even my Converse! I’m still in my “tennis shoes with dresses” phase and all of these will work with my many cute tennis shoes. Plus, they are dress-up-able if need be. Some cute jewelry, a bold lipstick, and some wedges and I’m ready for a night out!

What are you wearing these days? I hope it’s fancier than my sexy kitty pajama pants……..

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